Antik Metallic Dome Bag !!!!

  1. The last bag for a VERY LONG TIME !!!! :sweatdrop: I've bought waaay too many bags lately :hysteric::roflmfao:
    prada 1.JPG prada 2.JPG prada 3.JPG prada 4.JPG Prada 5.JPG
  2. congratulations! beautiful bag,
  3. This absolutely is a beautiful bag. Perfect size, perfect color, and perfect shape. Congratulation!!!
  4. Yayyy! We're bag twins! Congrats, great choice:graucho::biggrin:
  5. Now thats hot, love it, you look great.
  6. goodness me! That bag looks gorgeous! :drool:
    Congrats on such a hot bag :love:
  7. This is such a beautiful bag and it looks fabulous on you. Congrats!
  8. That's a gorgeous bag! I love the size of it. It looks great on you, congrats!
  9. Stunning bag and it looks great on you.
  10. Thanks a lot girls :smile:

    Kneehighz...Bag twin :graucho:..are yours a smaller size?
  11. Lovely bag!
  12. That's one stunner. And you carry it well. I have been eyeing this bag too.
  13. The bag looks great on you, and you have good taste for bags!
  14. Nope, absolute same gorgeous bag! :graucho::okay:
  15. Thanks a lot everyone :smile: