ANTIK CERVO FLAT HOBO - anyone has one? show?

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  1. hiya. i am just thinking about whether i should let go of my cocoa antik cervo flat hobo. i really love the way it looks, when it is not filled up, and not hanging from my shoulder against my wide hip and ars :p slouchy, casual but with a lot of oomph at the same time because of the super excellent antik finish, the excellent cocoa colour combined with the marvelous cervo textures... :tender:

    i am tallking about the FLAT hobo ladies, not the usual hobo. the one with rounded single strap, buckles on sides, and very wide bottom. it looks square when not hanged but but the time you carry it, the top would narrow while the bottom remained wide and thus forming a triangular-ish shape. i forgot to calculate the impact of filling the bag to the change of its shape.

    this are now sold out in NM, BG, etc, so someone must have bought them. but i only have seen ONE in the forum so far. this was end of last year, carried empty, so it looked square-ish, and i like that look better on me :yes: but a bag must eventually be filled...

    can you post yours if you have one? the reason for this is i would like to see it on other people when carried filled with things they way bag should be. i am still making up my mind if i shold keep it... :sweatdrop:

    if i let this flat hobo go, i would have to hunt for a cocoa antik cervo satchel to replace it, because i MUST have one large piece of the cocoa antik cervo item of course! but, this is now sold out!! :push:
  2. Bagpunk... can you please post a pic -- I'm not so sure I know which bag you're talking about. TIA!! :p
  3. here it is

  4. you can see from how it looked on goldensx5 (square-ish), and how it looked on NM's website (triangular-ish). after filling and carrying, it looks more triangular like how NM pic it. i hope the pics made my ramblings clearer :p i am hoping to see other people's antic cervo flat hobo....
  5. Bagpunk!!!

    Sorry for deserting your thread! Did you make any decisions yet about whether or not to keep your hobo???:shrugs:
  6. I tried the very same bag and came to the same conclusion as you - it sags quite a lot when it's full. It's a great casual look but I just wasn't sure when I tried it, especially as I'm only 5ft 2ins. I felt it wasn't distinctive enough. Let us know what you decide to do.
  7. i've kept it.... we can't exchange or return once bought here in singapore.... so i was just indulging in a pointless exercise of rumination...
  8. I know this is an old thread but.... does anyone know if I can find this lovely bag in the stores still? If not, maybe the outlets?
  9. Melinda, Neiman Marcus in Natick,MA has this bag but the strap is flat not rounded like this one. Ask for Esther or the manager Andy. The bag costs $1,510.
  10. does that mean they were done in different years?

    is it odd prada would have made two versions -- one with a flat handle and one with rounded?

    i think there's one up on eBay too!

  11. Hi spielberg1! I think the flat strapped one was from last year. It looks exactly like it's predecessor, except the straps look more like the hobos now available in vitello daino with the two gold rings on each side as well as the open sidepockets. Sandypoo told me about it but alas, it wasn't the bag I was looking for. I hope somebody else will snatch it up! The antik cervo bags are really popular, unfortunately, they are almost all gone. I hope Prada reprises these bags a 3rd time!

    melinda, it's also available at Ann's Fabulous Finds for $1,000.
  12. Oooohhh. thanks for the info

    its true, the cacao servos are SO popular they are crazy not to do more!!!

    i think another TPFer already bought the one at Ann's -- she just hasn't updated the website yet

    i want Liv Tyler's version now!!!!

  13. Here are some pics that Ann from Ann's Fabulous Finds sent me. :smile: