1. Girls, i've always liked the Antigua style, and lately i've been searching for a messenger bag for an everyday use.....
    what do you all think of this one...???i find it soooo cute:love: :love:

    it comes in a lot of colours....:graucho:

    (sorry but i don't know how to attach images....:shame:
  2. I have the Besace in Brown..its great...Look at my showcase pics....Just got it a few weeks ago....definately a great bag
  3. I like the Antigua Cabas GM in white for the summer. I think I'm going to get it with a pochette to match.
  4. i hear the antigua cabas GM too! perfect for overnights/weekend trips. i might get one in the chocolate brown, with a blue Plate PM to match
  5. I saw one vip antigua pochette for sale on ebay in the past by the time I asked my SA it was gone, she said it was a vip presentation gift of the antigua line, if anyone has some info let me know too.
  6. yes it's very cute!!!
    i was just wondering if the price is ok...i mean,i can buy at least a leather bag for that price....:shame:
  7. i love the blue one. it's a great every day bag.
  8. very cute! i like the blue one especially, as well as the red/pink one.
  9. i really like the besace...i've been thinking of getting one in brown!
  10. I have the Besace in the red/purple. It is a great bag and very roomy. I don't buy bags based on what it is made of, rather how it fits into my lifestyle. I would stay away from the cream color since it is fabric and they do get dirty. I have seen color transfer issues with the light colors. The flap is lined on the inside with the stripes and the color can transfer to the canvas under the flap. HTH
  11. I love the tan/ red! I must have the Sac Weekendi n that color!
  12. I usually don't like messenger bags but these are very pretty! Very feminine which is usually not the case with messenger bags! LOVE these!