Antigua Pouch

Oct 21, 2006
I'm debating on getting one because I think they're cute, however I have no idea what I'd use it for. Does anyone have pictures of the two sizes next to eachother? What colors do they make besides the brown thats on eluxury? I searched the forum for some answers and a post similar to this one only had one response.:shame: Would I just be wasting my money that I could put towards a bag? I'd really liked to get a video ipod holder in Damier but I'm not sure if they make it in the Damier yet. I'm thinking of just treating myself to the Antigua pouch for now. I'd appreciate any feedback! :yes:
you can use it for a cosmetics bag, to hold papers, or small items in the bag...just depends on the bag. i have a blue PM and i use it to hold the little things in my bag (flash drive, husband's car key, lipgloss, pack of gum, little notes i write myself, etc.)

the GM is nearly the size of a standard sheet of paper (8.5x11). the PM is much it is compared to a pochette: