Antigua Pochette Plate

  1. Is this absolutely pointless? I bought it today so that I can put all my traveling documents and everything else in, instead of floating around my messenger I feel better having it in one place. Also for a guy do you think the brown is better? I kinda feel like the blue is too borderline purple...
    Brown.jpg Blue.jpg
  2. I'm in love with the pink
  3. If you actually are going to use it, I don't think it's pointless to have. It sounds like it'll end up being useful for you.
    And I don't think the blue is borderline purple at all. It's a true blue, IMO.
  4. What color is or brown?
  5. Blue, IMO. It's brighter and will be more visible if it's dark inside your bag and you need to get your papers in a hurry.
  6. I like the brown one more. I think it'll look great with your messenger bag! My boyfriend says the blue one is too bright, and he would personally rather carry the brown one :biggrin:
  7. I prefere the blue, have you seen the pink?
  8. Brown :yes: You said you bought it which color???
  9. Blue IMO... I think I'll add that to my list... :P
  10. the blue seems alright for guys in the Besace because it's got navy blue trims. but that blue by itself is very periwinkly (ie: girly). keep the brown :yes: and i think it is a very practical pouch inside a bigger bag. just don't carry it like a clutch ;)
  11. Sorry I didn't notice you are a guy :shame:, I would go for the brown. If you have some accessories in Damier, Monogram canvas or Mono glace it will match perfectly.
  12. definitely brown! it wont show dirt!
  13. I like the brown for a man or woman. I just think its looks better. I do think the "blue" is kind of borderline purple. :lol:

    I don't think its pointless if you're going to use it. :smile:
  14. I like blue one better..