Antigua Pochette Plate PM / Damier Geant Trousse Albatros

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  1. Does anyone here have one of those? I'm wondering how big they are and how much stuff they can fit?

    I'm thinking of getting the Antigua Pochette Plate PM in Navy Blue (it's so HOT!) or the Damier Geant Trousse Albatrosfor school but I want to make sure it would be the right size to put my pens, erasers, keys, etc. in it. I'd also use it for my personal stuff when I travel.


    PS - LV is driving me nuts. I swore what I got last week would be my last purchase of the year but I can't stop finding things I want (for me and for my family). :wtf:
  2. i wanted the pochette plate also but they didn't have it brown to match the besace. my sa said the pochette accessory is bigger than the pm. hope it helps, i think they have 2 sizes.
  3. I have the brown antigua plate in the GM. Unfortunately, they are no longer being made. You can probably find it in the smaller size, try the 1866#.
    It fits quite alot of things.....It's the size of a small handbag. I use it when I carry my speedy40, so things don't get lost. The PM holds a bit less, but it's still a great accessory piece. Good luck!
  4. Hi i have the Louis Vuitton Damier Geant Trousse Albatros, you can take a look at my thread called London Trip.
    There are pictures of it in there (:
  5. I have all of the Pochette Plates (Blue is in my collection thread) - I think the Albatros will be too large for your needs. The Pochette Plate holds quite a bit and it is nice and slim - Perfect as a pencil case or for toiletries. I keep the PM in my everyday bag 24/7, it holds things like hand sanitizer, Tylenol, tissues, wipes, pepper spray, first aid kit as well as other things.