Antigua Pochette Plate - Discontinued?

  1. I called the Montreal store today to order the Antigua Pochette Plate but I was told I couldn't do so since they had been discountinued. Is that true?

    I'm not so sure of it since it's still for sale on Eluxury and on the official LV website...

    Maybe I should try calling in and asking another SA just in case that woman didn't know what she was talking about lol. :confused1:
  2. I think it might have been Discontinued, To bad because it is a great item.
  3. I'd think they'd still have some around even if it's discontinued. Maybe try calling a different store?
  4. Did they have any Antigua at all or just not the Plate? I know that my SA at Saks told me they were instructed to return all Antigua pieces because they (that store) weren't selling that line anymore. Maybe that's what your store did too?
  5. The SA is supposed to call me back this morning but I'll ask her if they have any items left from the Antigua collection. There must be at least one pochette left in Canada. I want one so bad :sad:
  6. I saw a pink in store the other day I hope it's not I love antigua line
  7. Well I just called 1866-Vuitton and I was told one Pochette Plate PM in Navy Stripped was available at the Toronto store AND that the Montreal store has one in brown. So basically the SA I talked to yesterday just lied to me ugh!

    I'll just call the Toronto store myself but I hate talking in English on the phone lol I'm French-Canadian and I clearly have a horrible accent when I'm talking in English. Oh well haha.
  8. I think I'll get in brown instead of Navy Stripped. It has too much white and I'm worried about getting it dirty.
  9. Don't know where you live, but they are still on elux, if you are able to order from that site... I landed the plate GM in brown, I was told, the last one in the states, as it's been d/cd.
  10. whoops, never're in Canada, no elux for you. sorry!
  11. oh you have the GM in brown? How is the inside of the pochette? Is it just like the outside?
  12. I bought mine last month. I think Holt Renfrew Vancouver or Banff would have one.
  13. ^^^^^
    The interior has a contrasting stripe fabric that looks nice with the brown. If you go to the antigua club in the Clubhouse, you will see pics of tpfers who have the brown.