antigua pm?

  1. Can this be possibly placed over the shoulder or is there no hope?:shrugs:
  2. dont believe so (unless you're tiny) I think you need to get the mm.
  3. here is a pic with the handles up, they look short
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  4. i saw the pic and it does look tiny!!! I'm really hoping I can shove my arm into it though. LOL! If anyone has succeeded, I'd like to know! Thanks BagFetish!!!
  5. I'll like to say yes but no:crybaby: it's really cute.
  6. I've had it over my shoulder but I have really skinny arms, not that that's a great thing, but.......I can get my speedy handles on my shoulder, can't exactly carry it that way, but.....
  7. I tried on this bag and it was a bit uncomfortable to carry on the shoulder.

    If you are able to carry it over your shoulder, go for it!
  8. yeah thats almost like a kid's bag or something:shame:
  9. no...unless you're tiny, but really, the MM is to be held on the shoulder.
  10. Yes, I think the PM on the shoulder would be for someone very petite! I've seen a petite woman with the MM on her shoulder and it was incredibly fabulous on her.
  11. ME TOO! I saw a girl with a white one and I was like...WHOA! never thought the antigua could be so HOT! Almost like a white suhali from far away (okie, i'm exagerating), but ever since, I've become more friendly toward Antiguas (before I hated them with passion)!
  12. my cousin has it in white..she can fit it on her shoulder..then again shes extremely petit...