Antigua PM or Neverfull PM ?


Antigua PM or Neverfull PM

  1. Antigua PM

  2. Neverfull PM

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  1. I'm looking for a small everyday tote bag for when I only need to carry my wallet and cell phone. Right now I'm stuck between these two. I was going to get the Antigua in June but I ended up with the BV instead. I really like the blue of the Antigua and it's zipped top but I'm just not sure if it will work as a year round bag. The only thing I'm not so keen about is the open top on the Neverfull otherwise I can see myself using that everyday.
  2. antigua gets my vote
  3. Antigua gets my vote as well... I'm not a fan of the Neverfull.
  4. since u have a shoulder open top bag already i vote for antigua :smile:
  5. I like the neverfull.
  6. neverfull gets my vote.
  7. Neverfull!
  8. Antigua! Something different :smile:
  9. If you have the BV and want something different then go with the antigua! I think that is a great bag too!
  10. antigua because you're more comfy with zipped top.
  11. Antigua! And its discontinued so get it while you still can!
  12. i fell in love with the neverfull when it first came out but somehow its appeal is lost on me now. the antigua on the other hand, just looks lovely anytime i look at it. i vote for the antigua!
  13. I vote for the Antigua. The neverfull looks flimsy and the side straps keep sliding down :tdown:
  14. i love the neverfull pm!!! im not so keen with the neverfull stuff but there's something bout the neverfull pm size that draws me to it when i see it being modelled by some of the tpfers!
  15. I like the neverfull. I am thinking whether I should go ahead and get it in GM. Hmmm. delicious