Antigua navy striped: anyone bought yet?

  1. I'm so in love with this bag, i would like to see pics of yours before i could buy mine..thanks in advance for posting!:heart:
  2. I have tried on the MM and I really like this colour ...might get the plate soon:yes:
  3. I think somebody got a plate already but I haven't seen any bag pics.

    Go get it! I got the Ecru PM (so it's similar without the the stripes) and it is such a beautiful summery bag.
  4. ^^ yeah, someone got the pouch to use as a wristlet!! who was that?

    anyways, it's really cute. I may get the PM this summer.
  5. i really want one !!:hysteric:
    it;s perfect for the summer!:wlae:
  6. Feedback please! I am afraid that the white fabric will easily soil...
  7. I don't see it on elux anymore.
  8. ALMOST bought it 2 weeks ago, but there was only the MM and I wanted the PM... it's a REALLY pretty bag for the summer though!
  9. Ya, it's really cute, but I just wanna warn you guys, there was a batch of antigua that had defective zippers (at the Montreal boutique). The gold-ish colour of the hardware made yellow blotches all over the fabric part of the zippers :yes:... I was going to get the pochette plate but because of the huge yellow stains I passed on it.
  10. I love the pattern but would be too paranoid of getting it dirty :sad:
  11. Bought it and returned it because worried about the dirt! But it is a nice bag! :yes:
  12. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    today i was in Venice and i went to my boutique..i was in hurry, so i saw a little bit of everything: new ivory color, dentelle line, nomade and much more..

    well...i went upstairs and i found it! the little cabas PM was on the shelf next to her sista in blue!:nuts: love at first sight!

    i absolutely loved it! so fresh and lovely!!!!

    today i'm gonna take pics and i will post here!

    this is my third bag in one month:sweatdrop:
  13. congrats. I saw it instore and pm is soo cute.
  14. congrats!! :yahoo: can't wait to see pics xLAUx!!
  15. I just got mine in the cabas GM ... it is HEAVEN!! It's sweet and just big enough, and fits perfect on your shoulder! Sorry for the bad camera...i spend all my cash on bags!
    louiscabas 004.jpg

    louiscabas 006.jpg