Antigua MM

  1. Hi everyone!! For the owners of the Antigua MM how do you like this bag? I am thinking about gettin one. Please let me know the pros and cons of this bag! Thanks!
  2. :heart::heart:i love's the perfect size for an everyday bag. it has the cell pocket and another larger pocket, and a d-ring, which i use all the time.

    if you need to carry folders/etc with you at all times, the GM would be better. however, if you're looking for a bag that will hold the essentials while fitting on your shoulder, this is it.



  3. blackbutterfly, that bag is gorgeous! :smile: I love how you had your initials stamped onto the luggage tag. I wonder what bag I could do that with. How much was that, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. I've been thinking about getting one of these bags. I still can't make up my mind, though!! Does the material have a "cheap" feeling to it??

    They did the hotstamping for can choose 1, 2, or 3 letters and from different colors. I chose the large 'K' in gold because the bag is gold, so it matched, lol. They usually take 3-5 days to stamp, but our store is in Saks and was so empty when I got it, that he did it right then. I don't think the luggage tags are that expensive. You can buy a luggage tag and hotstamp it and attach it to your cabas or speedy!


    The material does not feel cheap at all. In fact, it's a rather thick bag. I have never felt like it was too heavy that it would rip or tear. I totally recommend this bag. If I didn't want a Chelsea, I'd get a GM and use it for school, that's how strong and sturdy this bag is.
  6. Thanks! I'd love to get a luggage tag for my Cabas Piano and heatstamp it with my initials, I think it would be a nice way to personalize it. Your Cabas looks gorgeous, I love that blue :heart:
  7. blackbutterfly Thank you so much for the pictures! Your bag is beautiful!! I def want one! Now I must decide what color, the blue like yours or the pink? I also would like to get mine heatstamped too. If I buy the antigua from elux can I bring it into an LV store to have it heatstamped? thanks again you guys have been very helpful!
  8. i saw a pink PM today and the pink is just too bright for me. i love the blue--i want to get a matching plate before the price goes up...i wanted brown but Elux is out of the brown PM plate.

    you can get anything hotstamped at LV as long as it's authentic!!
  9. I had the GM but returned it for an MM. It was just way too big. The MM makes a perfect tote to take magazines/papers to work with me.

  10. i have mine in brown and it is fabulase and i got my initials stamped on.
    I love it.
  11. It looks great in both pink and in blue. Looks like a really great summer bag, but I guess it can go year round too
  12. oh snap...i'm going to have to pretend i didn't see this thread :lol:
    nice bags ladies!!
  13. I love this bag! I may have to get the blue MM before the price increase:amazed: ...
  14. sorry double post
  15. CAANNIE i love your Pochette Cles in the monogram charms.