Antigua Line - Which do you prefer??

  1. I'm thinking that with my credit - perhaps I'll get one of these - thoughts?
    antigua1.jpg antigua2.jpg
  2. [​IMG]
  3. I don't really like this line much...although I have seen the first bag irl and it's not bad at all. The lady was using it as a beach bag. Same color and all. In this style, I prefer the red/violet combination.GL with your choice :smile:
  4. Ms. Bag - which picture did you post - all I see is a red "x"!
  5. i prefer the Cabas. you may be able to fit more things in it than the Besace :yes:, plus it's more feminine:cutesy:. but how about this color:

  6. besace or carryall I love them both
  7. Oooh! I like the 2nd one! :heart:
  8. [​IMG] Hope this works.
  9. yes it did - thanks so much!! I'm leaning towards that one as well. I'll go to the store on Monday and be back with pics!
  10. i have the other one the pm or gm or whatever its called. but i have the small size. and i have the red violet combination and i have to tell you its such a cute bag.. i love it. i think its just sweet without being to much if that makes sense..
  11. Awesome, Will you be getitng this color combo ?
    I like the red/purple if you can find one.
  12. I just got the red/purple cabas MM from Vixy and I Loooooooooovveee it, I have used it for a week and have had a compliment EVERY single day and that is not a lie... its a real eye catcher
  13. I'm not a big fan of this line... but the blue Besace is cute. ;)
  14. I don't really like this line..of all of them, this would be the one I'd worry about getting dirty.
    But if you really want one, I'd go for something in the's a really bright, pretty color!
  15. I have the Besace (2nd bag on pic) in the darkest colour. Its very nice
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