Antigua line questions

  1. I was just curious if the Antigua line will be discontinued. Also, do you think the value of the Antigua's will go up or down if that were to happen?

    The resell for them right now doesn't look so good, so I'm just curious if maybe I should wait until they are discontinued.
  2. I think a lot of people are scared of the durability of the material but it is actually really good
    I don't think they'll be discontinuing it any time soon as they have just released a new colour
  3. Dont think they will be discontinued anytime soon. I personally like my antigua although I bought the white color and now clumsy me got some dirts on it but overall its a nice bag for everyday especially.
  4. They just released the new nautical stripe so I don't think they are discontinuing pretty soon.
  5. the SA said that probably they will discontinue the line after the season........i have NO idea if he's right or wrong, but thats what he said
  6. Do you think the value will increase after discontinuation?