antigua line durability?

  1. When i was browsing the boutique yesterday, i fell in love:heart: with the antigua line! The blue color is just GORGEOUS, and the handle didn't feel at ALL like i thought it would.

    I loved the Sac Rabat, and the Cabas MM.

    So, my question is, to all you antigua owners, does it hold up? how is the durability on this line? will it last a long time?

    have you taken it in for many repairs, etc?

    I know the canvas lines have excellent lasting power, people say that they have them for 20 years!

    :smile: thanks!
  2. Hi:smile: ,
    I own the antigua besace and it's been great so far.Just make sure you get a darker colored one (blue will be good and it's gorgeous:love: ). Although it's canvas it's very durable.Don't know how long it'll last cos they weren't introduced that long ago.:biggrin:
  3. Not really sure how long they last but, I used an the Antigua MM tote for school for about 6 months straight and it stood up great. I had no problems with it.:biggrin::flowers:
  4. I have the blue antigua cabas MM and it holds up GREAT! it is going to be my school bag when I go back in the fall.
  5. I have the Besace in Dark Brown.its great..I think its way more durable than the MC.
  6. awesome! this is great news! thanks everyone! :winkiss:
  7. :yes::yes:
  8. can u wash it?
  9. you cannot wash the Antigua. If it needs to be cleaned the care booklet says to spot clean with a damp cloth.
  10. :yes: :flowers:
  11. Good answer!

    Here's a little fun fact for you all!

    If you notice the inside interior it has a stripe pattern going... LV use to WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back the use to have The Monogram Stripe collection... they added that pattern into The Antigua collection (kind of like in memory of that line...)

  12. Wow,thanks for the fun fact, I've always wondered why they use that material inside. BTW I wish the male SA Downunder looked as cute as you;)
  13. Your welcome!

    I like The Antigua collection - I think its cute! I'm happy they brought out new colors, however they don't sell very well at my store. (They do offer one of the largest tote's though... the GM size is huge I have to say...)

    Oh I've seen cuter SA'S other than myself... but thank you very much though.

    Here's another fun tip for you... ha. I was actually born in Sydney, I moved to the U.S. back in 1990 at the age of 10yo. I've been here in Cali for 16 years...and yeah I'm still an Aussie by citizen too.
  14. i wish they'd release an all black Antigua. till then, i'll have to resist any urge to buy one. i love the blue, but the Besace won't fit A4 folders :sad:
  15. :sad:
    You know that would be a great idea!

    I like the thought of a Black Antigua bag - so what do you feel the color of the straps should be?

    I agree on that blue color too! Ohhh sorry to hear it doesn't fit your folders :sad:

    You know what Antigua bag I feel is cute, is the Sac Rabat. (I think its totally adorable...)