Antigua cabas question

  1. I am not sure if I posted this in the right place. Forgive me if its not.

    What can I put on the Antigua Cabas to help keep it clean?? I tried looking in the reference cleaning section but most of the question there refer to canvas or vachetta. Can someone help me?
  2. I think I've read before that the canvas is already treated with some sort of stain resistant something...using scotchgard or something similar has also been suggested. I've never tried anything, so I can't vouch for anything though.

    What color is your antigua?
  3. you don't have to put anything on it, it's already treated. You can use "savon de marseille" with water on it if it's dirty.
  4. I got a GM beige and red one. I plan on using it as my work bag even though its not really a fall color. I think its neutral enough to wear wherever I want.
  5. I have also believed this canvas to be treated already, but you can look through the care booklet and see what it says in there too!
  6. I read that it was treated already but I want to protect it even more because it will be used for work. Can I put a water protectant on it as well or will water just kind of roll off of it?

    I will look into the soap. The bag is beige so its a light color. I want to keep it looking as clean as possible and in good shape.