Antigua Cabas PM, MM or GM

  1. Does anyone have any of these? I'm stuck for which size to go for. I want to use it as a day bag for work. By the way I'm 1.67 and 58kilos if that makes a difference. :shrugs:
    Also does anyone have a picture with the white/brown color combination? I'd love to see it.
    Thanks alot! :yes:
  2. Hello, I ever had Antigua Cabas MM cup edition, brown based with cream straps. MM is perfect for daily :smile:
  3. I have the Antigua cabas MM in beige/red combo. I had the largest one, but it was to big for me, so I exchanged it for the medium size. A friend of mine has the smaller one and if you carry a lot of stuff it wouldn't work. Hope that helps.
  4. I just found out from the Brussels boutique that this item is discontinued. :crybaby:
  5. What color? You mean brown with cream/ivory strap? It's LE, cup edition.
  6. I have the PM (beige/red) and MM (red/purple)..

    I find the MM is the best size
  7. I think the mm is the best size.
  8. I gave her the code for the white with brown strap (PM). It seems it has been discontinued. :crybaby:
  9. May it cause by they released the new version, with stripes outside? It's more nice, check it :smile:
  10. well what are you going to carry inside it? cuz an everyday bag can be for "personal" items or it can be for work documents. If it's more for work and you're going to carry papers, folders, laptop, and plus your personal items then get GM; otherwise get MM. Good luck!
  11. I got PM in white with brown strap and I think it's cute but a bit small.

    I consider to buy aother MM size for more practical use.

    Anyway, I think PM is most good looking.
  12. MM is ideal. the PM would be too small for a day bag. there's a new release in white with blue stripes....
  13. i agree, and the new release is so nice...
  14. MM is ideal, but for going to the beach with a towel it's too small. For a daily bag it's perfect though.
  15. MM is the perfect size.