antigua cabas gm or mono looping gm?

  1. hi,

    i'm thinking of getting an everyday bag for the upcoming snowy/rainy winter. i've 2 young kids....which one do you think would make a better choice: the antigua cabas gm or mono looping gm or longchamp le pliage? i'd need something with a zipper top. i originally thought that the chanel paris-biarritz tote would be ideal since it's not leather, but on second thought i think it's too expensive as a throw around bag (unless i can find one pre-loved for under $1000 which is probably impossible:sweatdrop:).

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. antigua cabas gm
  3. Another vote for the Antigua!
  4. I know that the mono looping gm is not a popular bag but it was good for me when my kids, all boys, were litttle. I've longed retired it but had the straps replaced 2 years ago. LV even cleaned it for me and its looking good again. Believe me, it took a lot of beating and I was amazed on well it held up. Good Luck!
  5. Antigua Cabas GM gets my vote!:tup:
  6. The Antigua Cabas GM would seem to be a lot more comfortable and better for your essential needs.
  7. I think I would get the antigua too!!
  8. thanks for everyone's suggestion....
    would the antigua material be good for snow/rain? i don't normally use umbrellas, so am wondering what the material is like. i normally use my mono/damier canvas and epi leather in the rain, but am wondering if the antigua will be ok?
    and also, how easy is it to clean the bag in case of spills?
  9. Hmmm...I'm not an antigua owner, but I own denim. I spilled water on my beaded up and rolled off. I'd think maybe the antigua might be the same?
  10. Here's a link to a thread about some antiguas having discoloration issues...