Antigua Cabas GM Missing In Action

  1. So this afternoon I went over to LV to get the Antigua Cabas. They had the MM but the GM was nowhere to be found. :tdown: I tried on the MM but I think it's too small for me. So I asked for them to have one transfered to the store for me in the brun havane. Now that i'm home I think I may want to see 2 other colors IRL in this size do you think I should call and have them send them to my home store also??? So now just to wait when they get them in.
  2. Why don't you order from eluxury? No tax and shipping charge is not bad. Eluxury frequently have free shipping.
  3. I have the Brown (braun) and LOVE it!!! What other colors were you thinking of?

    Here are some comparisions of brown, pink and blue.

  4. I believe that this line is being discontinued.
  5. Elux still has the on their website.
  6. Some colors are discontinued...the 3 I pictured for sure...what is left in stock is it :smile:
  7. I just returned a 2 yr old Antigua with golden brown vachetta not light honey to Elux:tdown:
  8. Tink believe it or not you have all the colors I was thinking of. I am drawn to the brown because it is so neutral. But pink if my fav. color so of course I also love it in that color. Then there is the blue it's in such a great shade. So I am TORN to say the least.

    I wanted to get it in store since I am a recent LV convert and the SA that helped me with my first bag was great. So I wanted to build something with him. But do you ladies think I should just get it online??? But tax free weekend is coming up also so...? Let me know what you think...
  9. Wow those colors are being discontinued...

    pinki why did you return your bag was there something wrong????
  10. After all the enabling here... I decided to order one from Eluxury recently. Boy! Talk about disappointment. I received one that was dated back to 2005 and the vachetta was *golden brown* not light honey patinae. It was HTH a yucky brown.
  11. Sorry to hear that happened to you... I saw the brown today and I liked it. Thank you though.
  12. :wtf:
  13. ^^Love the canvas colors, just not darken vachetta leather parts JMO.
  14. Oh I thought you were referring to to the color of the canvas.

    I'm going to call today and see if I can get them to bring over the other two colors as well. Should that be a problem?
  15. ^^^depends on if a store has more than 1 left. They will only release it to transfer if they have more than 1....and at this late date, they may not.