Antigua Cabas GM -- Discontinued?

  1. I'm desperate for an Antigua Cabas GM in blue, but Elux doesn't have any available and I'm having trouble tracking one down through LV/eBay/consignment. Is it discontinued? Do any of you lovely ladies know where I can find one?


  2. The white ones sold out almost instantaneously.

    I guess it was b/c of the cheap price.

    But the Blue should still be avail if it is still produced. the red was a good seller too.

    I'm a guy and i bought a white one, which I regret. I ended up selling it to my friend who paid near retail for it.

    good luck, but those things are almost gone. aren't they one of the cheaper LVs???
  3. They are very nice bags.
  4. Yeah the anitgua bags have been discontinued, I want the biege one but none left in the UK :crybaby:
    Shame really as they are such pretty bags!
  5. lucky s'pore still have it in many colour :p and all the size too !!!
  6. ^
    Really? When did it happen? So it means that the stripey batch was the last one ever?
  7. argh!! really! it's confirmed I always wanted the messenger bag one but never yet got it damm it LV stop discontinuing all the bags I want!
  8. are they just discontinuing certain colors? or discontinuing the line altogether?
  9. That sucks!!! Why do they discontinue all the good stuff?!
  10. aaah, my worst fears have been confirmed! If anyone sees a GM in blue, please let me know! There's only ever one on eBay, and it's totally fake!


  11. Yeap the navy stripe one was the last one to be produced! It's so sad as it's such a lovely bag!

    Label - the messenger one (Besace I think) when I asked manc about that one they told me that they have never even received one!! One of the London stores had the red/purple a few months ago...... Did you see any when you went to the mothership?
  12. Did you call the 866 # to see if they could locate one for you????
  13. I tried calling the 866 number all day and kept getting a busy signal! I did call my LV boutique and she put me in touch with another store that had one... it's currently on hold, yay!

    I wasn't really looking to spend the money right now (and it really is more of a summer bag), but if it's not going to be around next year, I feel like I have to jump on it!

  14. I don't recall seeing any now I think about it the displays seemed a little more winter friendly lots of epi everywhere. they could have had them in the stock room I didn't ask. they don't come up in very good condition on eBay (in general) I'm sad Antigua is disc it's a really nice collection I love cabas pm
  15. Most of the line has been discontinued for a while now. I still want one too! They are pretty bags!