Antigua Besace ??

  1. My aunt just called from Paris and said that she was gonna buy me a LOUIS VUITTON Antigua Besace... But she didnt because she didnt know what color I wanted.

    I dont know what this bag looks like so I told her I'll have an answer for her the next time she calls (tomorrow).

    Does anyone here own an Antigua and can give me advice on what color looks best? :smile:

    TIA ;)

    Any info on the bag will help too!
  2. I ever had Antigua Cup Cabas MM and my friend has BEsace in ecru white, don't go for it, too easily to get dirt. I personally prefer pink & new blue but if you think for more neutral color, then go for red/purple or beige/red or brown :smile:
  3. I like the brown the best.
  4. blue!!! it is a very nice messenger but it is smaller of what it looks like in
  5. You are lucky, it's such a nice bag! I think blue is a good choice!
  6. I like the ecru & red
    antigua blue.jpg antigua brown.jpg antigua ecru.jpg antigua pink.jpg antigua red.jpg
  7. I have the cabas PM in brown, and i Love it as a daily use bag....
  8. The ecru is nice but does look like it will get dirty faster. I love the red --but I'm partial to my fave colour!

    I think for everyday, the Blue or Brown goes best.
  9. I like the GM in white...I think it's calling my name...
  10. I think the blue or brown...
  11. I have a Besace and a Cabas in brown. I use the Cabas more often though.
  12. I just got off the phone with my aunt and I told her to buy me the color..... WHITE!!

    Seriously I was planning all day on telling her that I wanted the BROWN one ... But when I was talking to her I realized I wouldnt be using it as an everyday bag anyway and Im very careful with my bags so it wouldn't get dirty... and so at the last second I told her I wanted the WHITE one!

    Its just so classy I think.. But my sister asked for the blue one so I guess we can borrow each other's bags from time to time :smile:

    Im so excited!!!!! It's arriving here on the 26th of July... Such a long wait I can barely stand it!

    But Im happy :smile:
  13. congratulations to you! I think you will love it. I have the brown one and I use it everyday for work. Just be careful with the plate, mine is scratched up from me abusing it. Post pics later okay?:p
  14. Thanks! I'll post pics as soon as I get it!

    I can't believe I have to wait 10 days!! LOL.. I really can't wait.. I wonder how people deal with the "waiting" whenever they've ordered something.

  15. congrats! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: