Antigua bag

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  1. anyone??
  2. I thought I saw another post about this{?}

    I don't know.
  3. I was wondering if the handels were maybe a little to long .. I am not sure does anyone on here have one to compare.
  4. I would say authentic. Usually when fakes replicate the plaque's ingraving, it gets all messed up... weird spacing, weird accents, stuff like that. This one looks great!

    Also. Fakes have a VERY hard time replicating luggage tags. The one on the auction you posted looks perfect.
  5. It's fake, there are too many rivets on the bag and while the plate looks good, it's wrong.

    Plus the stitching is wrong.

    And it's not sold out in stores, they just put that so you won't compare at a boutique.
  6. There aren't too many rivits. There are six on each side in the MM model when viewed from a facade photo. Just as there are on this bag here.
  7. I'm having it authenticated by MyPoupette. We will soon know the truth! And Kimmy will have a definitive answer. I just need to know, because I'm usually REALLY good at spotting obscure details of a will drive me insane, not knowing!
  8. After I counted them, you're right, the number of rivets is correct, but compared to the one on eluxury, the stitching is wrong. While these are different colors they are both MM bags.


    See how the yellow arrow on the left pic from elux is above the rivets, on the ebay one it is below one rivet.

    And they're showing 2 different insides, it seems:

    1 pic from ebay, purple inside...

    the second pic, same auction showing date code, red inside...


    the inside is supposed to match the strap on the outside.

    That's just why I don't trust it, I could be wrong, I am no expert by far.

    My last observation: if it's brand new, never used, why is the "Lous Vuitton Paris" stamp so rubbed off on the zipper pull.
  9. It looks authentic to me. V
  10. Oh my goodness! I didn't even notice the lousy stitching on top of the bag! My sincere apologies. I just worked a 12 hour shift at work; my eyes are shot. I still sent it to MyPoupette though. We'll see what she tells me.
  11. Well... nevermind then. I guess my eyes did serve me well tonight. I never authenticate by comparing to eLux's photos anyhow.
  12. Well then I guess I was wrong. My apologies.
  13. Looks okay to me, but I'm not an expert on this line.