Antigona tote vs LV Neverfull

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  1. Can anyone tell me if Antigona tote is as lightweight and sturdy/practical as LV Neverfull? I assume it would be a little heavier than canvas since it's all leather and more fragile? I have not yet seen the bag in person but it seems as large as Neverfull GM or St. Louis GM (please correct me if i'm wrong) I intent to use it for gym, shopping and travel- (specifically to put my 35 Birkin during flight.. I do this to conveniently take 2 bags with me to trips :P)

    I've been very happy with LV Neverfull GM and Goyard PM(though i find it a bit small) but I want to let them go since i see only a zillion women carrying the same bag everywhere... and this bag seems to ooze more class and uniqueness. This is the one i'm looking into:

    Do you think Givenchy Antigona tote would be a good replacement in this case?
  2. Mine is the exact same size as my Goyard St Louis GM only difference being that it has a slightly smaller strap drop. To be honest, if you need it for travel, it will not replace the St. Louis because Goyardine canvas is extremely packable and can fold away so easily, the calfskin antigonas have a semi-structured base and can wrinkle over time but it is still very very lightweight!

    Hope that helps :smile:
  3. Hmm, I also think that a canvas bag may be irreplaceable for your needs. I love Givenchy leather but if I was using an Antigona tote as a workhorse for travelling, I'd worry about the leather. I use a Burberry nylon bag when I travel and it holds my leather pieces, so I need only wash it when it gets dirty.

    If you really love the Antigona, then get it. But, given that you have a St Louis and a NF, maybe get rid of the St Louis (since you think its too small) and keep the NF?
  4. I am in love of the same bag... And I travel a lot too... Thank you for the opinions! Always useful! 😉
  5. If you are talking about only beauty....the answer is obvious to me, the Antigona. If you are talking about a travel bag with extreme durability it would be the Neverful for sure. One other option would be a Givenchy Pandora...I use mine for travel. It fits nicely under the seat in front of you, it is cross body or hand/arm carry, and it fits a great deal of things securely. (with zipper closure it is more secure than a Neverful).. The Pandora will do all of this and look pretty amazing at the same time.
  6. Thank you for your opinion too! My problem is that I carry my laptop with me... I need really a big one. The Pandora impossible!