Antigona Shopper & Nightingale Tote

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I'm new to Givenchy and I'm looking into purchasing my very first! But the Nightingale didn't appeal to me that much nor the boxy Antigona too. Even the Pandora :sad:

    However, I saw a a picture of Sofia Vergara carrying this awesome yellow Nightingale tote that I instantly love! But while I was browsing, I didn't see any reveal on this bag nor anyone like this bag. Is it not lust worthy? Lol!

    So another one that caught my attention is the
    Antigona Shopper. The prints available are so nice! But then again I didn't see any reveal on this bag :/ why??
  2. Here is my antigona tote

  3. the one carried by sofia is def lustworthy, since it's made with the same luscious leather and hw! imo, i think it's not as popular b/c it's more casual than the 'gale, and unless you need more room, the reg 'gale fits plenty.

    the antigona shopper is truly like a shopping bag, but the print in your link makes it super couture! very much a one of a kind and not your everyday shopper tote. you'd be the first and only one with this bag since i dont eve see it on any US websites.

    just saw the sofia bag on this thread:
  4. I could have sworn at least one other person revealed a nightingale tote a while back...

    Anyway, both bags you like are lovely. I am partial to the antigona tote, myself.

    Which of these do you think would truly fit your style?

  5. Great! go get one! I'm leaning towards the Leopard print one, it's really nice! The Cathedral design is also super chic!

    I'm thinking that maybe it's not a popular design is because it doesn't shout "Givenchy" :thinking:The plain colored ones, looks more Givenchy :cool:
  6. Reveal or not, I think you should go for the bag that makes your heart skip a beat. Everyone has their own style. You may inspire someone in this forum by being one first one to reveal a bag never seen before :smile: