Antigona - over exposed?


Aug 27, 2014
Hi Ladies!

I am planning on getting an antigona for my first givenchy bag and was wondering what your thoughts on it were.

I feel like the antigona is so over exposed now, that it feels like a fad that will die out soon. I know that it is a pretty classic bag (especially since I'm planning to get the black) but I just don't want to buy a new bag that is slowly being dismissed. Kinda like the balenciaga bags. I remember so many girls used to carry around balenciaga and now I rarely see them in the city.

I even thought about the Prada saffiano double zip but I feel like ever since they have bags that are made in China and how it's just not appealing to me anymore.

I do have a chanel classic flap bag and I was hoping the antigona will be something like it where I could use for years and years but it will still be admired.

Sorry if I babbled on too much but just wondering. Any insight would be appreciated! Thanks