Antigona or Mini Luggage?

Mini Antigona or Luggage?

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Sep 22, 2013
I voted for the antigona, even though I don't own one and I am not planning to get one.
I do own a mini luggage, however.
You said you were looking for a daily use bag.
I am assuming that you are considering the mini/micro luggage size from the pic you posted.
The luggage is heavy and handheld only.
The antigona will offer you the option of carrying the bag over the shoulder. If I am not mistaken, the antigona is fabric lined. This will most likely make it lighter than the luggage.
That said, I find the aesthetics of the luggage more appealing. I also prefer my bags to be leather lined and finally I don't mind top handle bags.
So I would personally pick the luggage but not knowing your preferences, I hope I gave you an unbiased opinion :smile:


Dec 29, 2012
I'd say go for luggage because it's an eye catcher and a beautiful piece. I love bags that draw attention and are noticed (which is ironic because celine bags are meant to be understated) the antigona has one amazing feature though! The shoulder strap! That is like gods gift trust me shoulder straps are amazing and so useful. If you want something unique and beautiful then get Mini Luggage. If you want a true workhorse and something convenient yet chic then get Antigona. Also the Mini luggage is heavy so be ready to carry something almost as heavy as a newborn baby


Sep 24, 2013
I'd go for luggage. Antigona is not nearly as impressive as the luggage, in my opinion. Used to love the Antigona, till I tried one on and was very disappointed with how bulky it is when worn on the shoulder.