Antigona Large Shopper Tote

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  1. Does anyone have this tote? If so, how do you like it..any opinions on it? I'm thinking of getting it in black. :smile:thanks
  2. I have two totes in medium size and love them. I do like the grained version better but it costs more,too.
  3. I have a coated canvas of this tote and I LOVE IT!!! Since mine is coated canvas w/ black leather trims I don't worry to much about it when I get caught in the rain I can just easily wipe the water off. Its great for work or if I need a bag that can hold half of my room :biggrin: its really spacious. I got complimented all the time I use it. I say its on my top 3 fav bags at the moment at least hahaha

  4. Can it be carried on the shoulder? Thanks
  5. Absolutely! I only wear it over my shoulder, being a new mum with a toddler. It has no pockets though, instead, it comes with a lovely pouch in a generous size. I'm very happy with the tote. The medium is comparable with the LV Neverful MM.

    Verdict: Highly recommended!
  6. I really like that pouch too, Bagaholic1007!

    I haven't bought one, but I need a good size shopper tote.
    I am between this one and a Celine Cabas.
    Decisions, decisions.
    It helps to know that you use it in the way that I will be using it since I have a toddler, too.
  7. I have a vertical Celine Cabas which I think is quite chic. However, my husband infinitely likes my Antigona tote more since the leather is thicker and the handle, roomier. The Celine Cabas is paper thin. I like both, but the Antigona tote truly is more functional.

    Buy both! :smile: Keep us posted, k?
  8. I have the Large Antigona Tote in Madonna Print and i love it to bits. Its roomy, comfortable and very stylish and edgy. One of my top 3 faves out of my collection and i get loads of compliments and stares with the bag lol. I love it!
  9. It's a great bag! I have it in beige/red handles and I love it. It has taken more of a beating than I had hoped because I travel with it frequently and put my laptop, a DSL camera, an iPad and other stuff in it all at once. I would say over time it's held up pretty well (have had it for about a year). I put thick lotion on it every so often to keep the leather supple and to clean it. I love this bag! I got it on sale at FarFetch during the summer. It might go on sale again but who knows.