Antigona interior quality?

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  1. I've decided on a Medium sugar leather black Antigona... but I've heard bad things about the interiors, that it seems cheap quality compared to the rest of the bag. For those who own the Antigona, how do you feel about the interior?
  2. I've only had my mini anitgona a few weeks so haven't had any major issues with the interior. I do think it looks really cheap compared to the exterior. I recently got an MCM Milla and the interior quality on that bag is way better and at a lower price point too. Im sure Givenchy would charge a lot more for suede interior though
  3. While it is a cloth lining I have not had any issues with it. I prefer a dark lining as a lighter color looks dingy quick!
  4. Not a fan of the cloth interior, but I quickly got over it- its such an awesome bag to carry!
  5. With the substantial hardware and thick exterior leather perhaps they decided it would be too heavy to do anything other than a fabric interior (?) I don't mind it. I don't spend any time admiring the interior of my bags lol, not even my Chanel's which are leather lined. Leather lining is nice but not a big plus for me.
  6. Good to hear most aren't bothered by it... think I'm gonna go for it

  7. You should definitely go for it! I have the exact combo you are thinking about purchasing and I love it! It's my favorite bag!! This bag gets more compliments than my Chanel jumbo. The cloth lining doesn't bother me because I find it care free and durable. Good luck deciding and should you decide to purchase be sure to do a reveal.
  8. I don't mind the interior because I don't have to worry about my items scratching anything and it doesn't add any unecessary weight to the bag. The impeccable stitching, quality and feel of leather and the edgy/substantial hardware makes up for the lack of a fanicer interior IMHO.
  9. Med ants are a little heavier so i actually like the cloth to balance it out, as opposed to leather interior. Also, i feel that if there's a stain, it'd be easier to clean cloth than suede.
  10. Although leather interiors are gorgeous and very luxe. I feel like if anything were to happen to it, spills, keys scratching, pen ink. It would be way harder to clean compared to the cloth lining and I also like the fact that it pulls out so you can really get in there and clean it thoroughly. xoxo
  11. After 4 years of heavy use, mine still looks like new. Also, I like that I can "pull it out" and kind of wash it if ever there is a spill.
  12. I'm in the minority here, but I had some bad experience with my Antigona: the interior cloth lining felt cheap compared to to the sturdy construction of the bag (mine was the black, shiny calf leather medium Antigona). The hardware and the leather was worry free and scratch free but the black cotton interior was torn after a few months of use. And I baby my bags! The bag itself is reinforced with metal or plastic underneath the handles. This reinforcement was rubbing against the cotton. No Givenchy bag for me again. :sad:
  13. Maybe take it to the store where you got it from or g boutique for repairs?
  14. Thanks for the advice, but I decided to sell the bag. I sold it a while ago but lost a chunk of money because of the ripped interior lining.
  15. In all honesty the interior of the Antigona is the only thing holding me back from purchasing it.

    I've wanted one for years but I just can't seem to justify the price with the cloth lining compared to other brands that have leather lining and a similar price.

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