Antigona in Pebbled Calf leather and gunmetal HW

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  1. Hi

    I'm interested in the Antigona pebbled calf with gunmetal hardware.. Any one who has this bag and used it for some time ?! Does it hold its structured shape and does it sag ?!

    I know that the goat will sag when you have heavy stuffs in the bag as well as it will be really soft over time.

    I'm deciding between the goat leather and pebbled calf in medium black at the moment.

    Would love to hear from you all Antigona owners :smile:

    Tell me as much as possible
  2. That is an excellent question. I have seen this leather in small Antigonas and clutches. I have the clutch and love the leather....very dramatic and elegant.

    Eager to see if anyone can chime in with her experience.
  3. Hi

    This is how the pebbled calf looks like :smile:

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  4. Close up of pebbled leather

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