Antigona green croc stamps! Yes or no?

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  1. I just saw it in store, small size and feel in love. Haven't owned any givenchy bag. So want to know your opinions about this green exotic? I also seen it on blonder salad blog. It's stunning on her. What do you guys think? Should I get this green for my first givenchy bag? Or other color?
    Can I ask price for this croc stamps and calf leather are same for the small angotina or different?
  2. I started googling the bag after seeing on blonde salad also. I say yay!!
  3. check Barneys website for price comparisons...they should have it, if not, there's a sticky for reputable resellers for researching.

    as for whether or not the small green croc should be your first G bag, I'd say yes b/c i think they make some of the best exotic looking stamped bags and in green patent, that's a no brainer. these have been selling out fast, in both the clutch and in antigona style. altho, i think i may have seen an ebay listing for the green one, but in case you might change your mind, go with a retailer that will allow returns.

    if you do get it, please share with us since you'll be the first one to showcase it here on the G forum!
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    The bag looks stunning on her isn't it. I really adore her. And guess this bag is going to be an " it bag" very soon :P
    Thank you for your lovely comment dear....
    I just went to department store to get my new Celine bag. And decided to get both Celine and this lovely Givenchy before someone else take it. I would say she is very beautiful IRL. The best Givenchy ever!!!!
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    My purchases Today

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    Here is comparison pic of small size and medium. I have seen many questions about sizing of the antigona on the forum. So I took a photo of them for you to compare the size ......IMO, I love the small size more, i want it to be a purse. Elegant but still roomy. And the smal size is a perfect size for me...

  7. Indoor and outdoor .....


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    I found out that this green shade esixted on Hermes too.they are very similar IRL. My kelly bag which I purchased 8 years ago now has a new friend ...:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:


  9. cant wait to see and hear how you like it!

    nm, i just saw all the pics. :faint:

    i love all of the bags shown have amazing taste.
  10. Wow....awesome.
  11. yes yes yes
  12. That Antigona is stunning. As is the Trapeze. Congrats!
  13. Yes, I did it :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. My oh my.... my favorite color and styles side by side...

    Been on the hunt for a green kelly for 2 years now with GHW and just saw this antigona..... :cloud9:
  15. can you pretty please do mod shots of both the kelly and antigona????
    And make a comparison as well as far as weight, versatility?
    How much was the green croc stamped antigona? thanks so much dear!