antigona - goatskin or calfskin

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  1. Hi all,

    I have been lurking in this thread for a few months and finally ready to take the plunge to get the antigona in black!!

    Would just like to get ur opinions on which would be more long lasting- the goat or calf skin as well as how well the calf skin ages as I am leaning slightly towards that.

    Would really appreciate all opinions!

  2. It's my impression that calfskin doesn't get as slouchy over time, which is why I am holding out for calfskin. It's been hard to locate though!

    Downside, the glossy finish shows dings easily.
  3. i was just wondering how much i need to baby the calfskin and how prone to scratches it is!
  4. Are any of the bright colours - red, pink or purple available in calfskin?
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    I saw and tried a red ANT weeks ago here in HK. So I guess its safe to say this season there will be red.
  6. I got a small ant in black shiny calf skin and it's holding up very well and am surprised I didn't have to baby it. There were a few incidents when the bag got knocked when I was rushing out of the door but when I checked it for scratches, there were none. Very pleased with it!

    I got mine from Luisaviaroma.
  7. I have a medium antigona in black shiny calf and it's still very structured after using it for 4 months! A lot of people commented that it still looks new and there's no obvious scratches although I didn't baby it too. However it does shows dings where the leather was bent accidentally but not obvious unless scrutinized. Still love it !

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  8. I used to have goatskin antigona, and it did scrath pretty fast... and I sold it change to shiny smooth calf, surprisingly this hold pretty well. I love the look of shiny calf. reminds me of classic box . very feminine and little bit more dressy ...
  9. The same reason I like the look of the calfskin the shiny black one reminds me a lot of the famous hermes box leather.

    Surprisingly when I saw a green shiny leather calfskin and a pebble goatskin, the goatskin looks beat up already and I have to admit that I tried to scratch the display shiny calfskin model with my nails, and nothing happened (thankfully) or I would have to buy it, even tho I wanted a grey one.
  10. I have a smooth matte calfskin medium Ant and the bag has held up very well, despite having served for a short time as my go-to bag for travel. It has maintained its shape quite well and only minor, minor scratching. The leather has softened slightly, mostly due to the bag being stuffed with heavy items and using the strap.