Antigona color

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Black or silver antigona

  1. Black

    4 vote(s)
  2. Silver

    1 vote(s)
  1. 27F062CD-E686-44DF-85F5-75F839F1CA6D.jpeg CB00C120-0736-4E56-AA1A-23B68EF4A6E6.jpeg
    I recently bought a small silver antigona for $1372. I love the bag. The style and size is perfect. It’s also a great neutral. I’m always looking at bags online and saw the black is now on sale. It’s about $300 more. Should I sell my silver and buy the black as an everyday or keep the silver?
  2. If u dont own a simple black structured bag of this sz, then yes.
  3. I don’t. I’m rebuilding,doing my collection back up
  4. Aren't you going to take a big loss on that silver bag if you resell it now?
    I would keep the silver one and either buy the same bag in black or wait for another black bag I like (whatever brand) to catch my eye. There is no rush. As you mentioned, the silver is somewhat of a neutral.
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  5. In that case, the black one is a great workhorse. Good luck with either color...or both.
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  6. I’m not sure. I got the silver for about $1300. Not sure what a quote would be.

    Yes I dress pretty neutral and I think the silver goes with everything. I’ll just have to save up again. I wasn’t even considering until I saw black on sale. The black price has went up a feel hundred since then.
  7. I‘d get the black and sell the silver. I don‘t see silver as a neutral colour, it‘s very loud to me
  8. Missed that part...if you sell at a loss, then I'd say keep it. I bought a silver bag earlier in the year and I love it.
  9. I can only assume I would? It was $1300. Still excellent condition
  10. Guess it doesnt hurt to try listing it, but you'd be competing against holiday sales and u wont be able to use it to keep it as new as possible. Don't worry abt the black available for 300 more. They'll always have a few sales here n there on black ants.
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  11. The silver is a beautiful neutral color and not very common so I say keep it. You will always find more sales.