Antic Gauffre Messenger-how Do You Baby It?

  1. Calling all Prada PFers who owns the antic gauffre messenger in natural, how do you baby it? I hv mine last month and only use it a couple of times, i found that the leather at the back was worn out due to constant fiction with my hip, also the color of my jean was transferred to it. BTW, i find it on the heavy side and my shoulder feels sore aft a hr of shopping. Any similar experience? Advice? Tia.:crybaby:
  2. Oh... That's horrible! I don't know about the weight problem, but there is a thread in Balenciaga forum about bag cleaning:

    I remember seeing threads mentioned similar problems of blue jeans color transferred to light color Balenciaga bags. You could do some search for answers.

    You could also contact I don't know if they can take care of Prada Gauffre, but they did wonderful jobs to Balenciaga bags. I have a couple Gauffre but they are chesnet and black colors. I don't buy light color bags since I am so afraid of discoloring.

    Please keep us posted if you find a good solution. Good luck!
  3. I have it..but I have only worn it once...LOL..I NEVER EVER wear light colored bags with jeans.....
    Call Prada and ask them what to do
  4. Thks HandbagAngel for yr advice. I will try it.
    Jill: yes, i hv the same one as yours. You didn't find it is heavy?
  5. Ya call prada. They can tell you (:
  6. best not to carry it accross the shoulder like that i think... although i know it is fashionable. i have a sling bag made of thick boot leather and the back side is now shiny polished against my hip. unfortunately i think the gauffre is not made to withstand the sling bag use...
  7. Sigh, Bagpunk, this messenger type have to wear it across the shoulder to look nice. Alternatively just let it hang on one shoulder but it look alot like school bag. I wonder why Prada would make something that looks so nice but not able to withstand the use, it is so expensive too, sigh!:cursing:
  8. Have you called Prada Boutique for advices how to treat the color transferred?
  9. I called the singapore boutique and they're not helpful at all. They said that this material is prone to have this problem and if i want, they can send back to Prada HQ to repair but with a charge. And not sure how long it takes too! They also didn't recommend how shd i treat/protect my bag.