Antic Cervo's new shade in Tan... aye or nay?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm contemplating my first prada purchase, the antic cervo satchel in the newer shade of tan... what do you think of it? I would much prefer the previous season's cocoa, but unfortunately it's sold out!

    Should I settle for tan? It's still a beautiful bag, but not as easy to match with.
  2. Pics?
  3. I've searched online for it but I don't see it anywhere. It's the 2nd last piece in the Prada boutique here though. They don't sell the last pieces. I'm feeling the pressure...

    Ah, the colour looks like the Nappa Gaufre in Noce like what's shown on Saks, but with the same graduation of colours, darker at the edges just like the cocoa antic cervo satchel.
  4. Is the antic cervo satchel in cocoa truly sold out everywhere? Is there any way I can get my hands on one?

    I think the new colour's more like a lighter shade of camel. I'll post up pics of it if I end up buying it.
  5. sweetfrock...I say pass and try and look for an older one or find another bag that can truly make you happy. I am not crazy about the color. Don't settle.
  6. I would look for and older one.
  7. Oddball here, but I like the silhouette of this one much, much better than the square boxy one from the fall collection. The color is all season too. The darker version is more of a fall/winter color to my mind.
  8. SF, we know you finally bought the tan antik cervo satchel. i was not impressed when i first saw it, but quickly fell in love with it. it is that kind of colour i suppose? truth be told, i was not crazy over the cocoa antik cervo from last season when i first saw it, i was too busy looking at the cocoa gauffre with the nice shading... but, now i can't get enough of it. i am trying very hard not to get the satchel as well as the wallet and flat hobo... so i was relieved when i quickly warmed up to the tan (naturale)!
  9. The tan is beautiful - I've been checking out the convertable handbag on the Saks website :graucho: but am trying to hold out for the fall bags! In response to your Q re the brown satchels, there was one on bluefly this morning -- it's been there for a couple of days. Good luck! :p
  10. I absolutely love the tan. It goes with everything from jeans on up. It is still dark enough and has enough shading to distract from any marks or stains, yet is has an immense amount of character. A purse like this one needs a name! Perhaps, Sophia??
  11. Sophia, Carmella, BellaVista, Tiramasu, I could go on and on... She's lovely and I'd love one in every color! Really, I'd have such a hard time choosing.