antic cervo wallet - scuffing after only a month

  1. hi all. i have an antic cervo long wallet which i started using about a month ago. already there are scuffing along and around the edges... :sad:

    i usually carry large-ish bags, so it might get knocked around a bit inside. but i always tried to place it against something hard and flat to make sure that it stays put.

    is there something i can do to prevent it from getting more scuffed? any of you have experience a similar thing? any products i can use? anyway to fix it?

  2. Post pics so we can see..I have this wallet..It has a natural wear around the edges normally
  3. I have the zip version of this wallet - it doesn't hold up well. After 3 months in my purse, it looks like it was run over by a truck on the outside, inside its fine. I think the leather is just too soft for a wallet esp. since they did not treat it with anything to "toughen it up".
  4. Believe it or not, I used good old fashioned Kiwi shoe polish on mine. Worked like a charm. Leather is leather, I suppose, so if it's good enough for my shoes it's good enough for my wallet.

    Yep, I was seriously NOT happy that the edges started losing the antik treatment within the first month. I love the look of the antik cervo line, but unless Prada can make it more durable, I won't be buying any more of it.

  5. Have you found that this happens with the antik cervo bags, as well as the wallets? Please let me know as I am still thinking about buying an antik cervo bag. Thanks!
  6. ooh no! i was wondering about how they did the "antique" look when i thought to myself, how difficult it must have been to dye leather in two shades like that, in those specific corners and parts of the bag before they even cut the leather. and then the possibility of a more practical (and cheaper) approach gave me the chill: airbrush..?? which means they will not be durable! and it looks like i may have cause to worry afterall.... :sad:

    i am just about to get another antic cervo in the natural colour (tan?). so far only the wallet is used regularly, the coca flat hobo antic cervo is stored, so i did not get a chance to make this observation on the bag. now that we know this... maybe i should not get the newest antic cervo.....

    PP, how do you use the kiwi shoe polish on it? share?
  7. PP, could you show us how your antic cervo's started to loose its antiqued treatment? it would be helpful to be able to see how a similarly made bag of this range is going to look in a month, and so, if it is worth putting all the hard earned cash i have into this one... thanks so much!
  8. i have until this weekend to decide, SA will release the natural antic cervo satchel after.... :sad: i would really love to know how badly battered the antic treatment is going to look like in a month. i do not want to have to baby a bag, it is too stressful. and i really should not have to be stressed out about keeping a bag nice after paying so much money for it...
  9. I can't show you now because I used the shoe polish on it and it looks brand new. I'm carrying a different wallet for the summer, so only time will tell if the wax job holds up. I'm not opposed to slapping some shoe polish on it from time to time if it keeps it looking nice but it IS annoying that the original finish comes off so easily.

    I have an antik treatment bag as well. The only wear I've seen on it is the open edges of the leather. Again, zapped a bit of shoe polish and fixed it right up.

    roxmdav123, If you ask 10 different antik cervo owners that question, you'll get ten different answers. I'm beginning to wonder if the problem comes from a particular dye lot or point of production of this line. It's hard to believe how variable the answers are on this line is when it comes to durability. As beautiful as it is and as much as I love it, I'll keep my wallet, bag and consider myself done with the antik cervo line. I've had much better luck with the solid/one color bags.
  10. Thank you, Prada Psycho! It is so helpful to get this type of honest feedback. :smile:
  11. thanks Prada Psych. what kind of kiwi shoe polish should i be looking at? in terms of colour and variety. sorry. i am not familiar with shoe polish at all. i might want to look at getting similar shoe polish for the cocoa antik cervo. do you think i should get another colour for another shade of antik cervo?

    the last time i used shoe moiturizer on my old prada leather, it left a very strong smell... (and i think some waxy residue)

    thanks again!
  12. Oh good ole Kiwi shoe polish still stinks, so you need to let the item air out when you are done with it. The smell does go away and the leather smell comes back. I use the kind that's in a little can (sort of like an Altoids can, but round). I just used a regular brown color. You take a soft cloth and rub that onto the shoe polish, then lightly rub the worn away areas. Let it dry and buff lightly. I repeated it just ensure durablity. Let it set out in the air for a few days, and to take a white soft cloth to polish off any remaining residue so it doesn't get on your things. That will take care of any leftover waxy residue you mention. I noticed that a small bit of the actual antik dye came off, but nothing to affect its beauty. Just apply and buff very gently. I actually went ahead and did the whole wallet and it worked just fine, but that was my experience.

    By the way, this worked for me so I'm prefacing this whole thing with: test a small area first before you do the whole item! Good luck!
  13. BagPunk... Hello there...

    You were asking about how the antic line is made... You are correct in your assumption of the "air-brushing" technique. An SA at Barneys was explaining to me that this how they achieved that two-toned look. Hence the fragility of the finish... I'm assuming this person was educated by Prada because he seemed to know alot about the bag and the finish.

    It's interesting to see the different combinations of colors and leathers in this line. I have 2 bags (the same bag) 1 from Saks, 1 from Bluefly, and although everything is the same in terms of construction, the colors vary and the leather is quite different from one bag to the next. If you're interested I can post pics. I would love to see your leather too Prada Psycho... I was wondering if the leather on the Bluefly bag was inferior??? Do you think they receive the same quality of bag as Saks would?

    I went ahead and ordered this same exact bag from NM yesterday because I think that color is going to be even different and may be the one I'm looking for. I think the Bluefly bag's going back and I'm either keeping the Saks or the NM... but won't know till I get the NM bag next week.

    If anyone has pix of their Antics posting them here would be helpful to see the different shades and leather quality. :yes:

  14. Ask and ye shall receive, Pad. I've got it stuffed with tissue by the by, so you can see the leather/details better. It's so smooshy you can't see much otherwise.
    prada.jpg pradaback.jpg 2007_0401Image0050.JPG 2007_0401Image0048.JPG 2007_0401Image0054.JPG
  15. Here's a couple of the wallet. You can see a bit of the scuffing at the bottom corners, but this is "post-Kiwi" so it looks MUCH better!

    The wear I'm seeing both on the wallet and the bag are the edges and where the leather was cut. Even though they treat the raw edges of the leather, for some reason with this antik treatment it's much more fragile. The body of both my bag and my wallet are holding up fine. It's just the edges that are the problem in both cases, but worse on the wallet.

    And geez Louise! Is it NICE having thumbnails back!! :rochard:
    2007_0404Image0047.JPG 2007_0404Image0051.JPG