Antic cervo - so why has mine got a canvas strap?!

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  1. I swapped the black e/w gauffre satchel for the cervo e/w satchel in naturale. It's just arrived from Nice and it's lovely - bigger than I expected - but what is really bugging me is the long strap is CANVAS!!!
    I didn't expected a £1k bag to have a canvas strap. It's a right hassle to go back to the store in France so I guess my own alternative is to try to buy a leather strap from the Prada boutique in London.
    Can anyone explain why my bag has a canvas strap?
    Will post pics this week when I get a chance.
  2. Oh Sarajane... I'm sorry you've had two problems in a row with your bag purchases! I don't know enough about Prada to answer your question, but since you're going to Prada, I hope they can explain it to you and maybe even help you with the store in France?

    Good luck! I hope it works out!
  3. I think I'm blighted! I've checked the bags online and it looks as if this one from the S/S07 line comes with a canvas strap. I don't love it but I can live with it and it's very comfortable to wear across the body as the strap is wider. I think I'll try and get a leather strap as well. It's a great bag, I can't believe how incredibly slouchy it is. Have to keep looking at it!!
  4. Sarajane, yep, your bag IS gorgeous! I think I'd want a leather strap with it, too. Having two straps will be great! I know how you feel -- staring at your bag... I do that, too! hahaa!
  5. I've spoken to Prada in London. Did you know cervo is pronounced 'chervo'? A thought struck me - how is every Prada or Miu Miu store seems to be staffed by Italians? Do you think you have to be Italian to work there? Either that, or they do great impressions!
    Anyway, upshot is they're coming back to me about getting a leather strap. Fingers crossed.
  6. yep..Those bags have canvas straps.....I would call a Prada store too re:ordering an additional strap..I have done that before
  7. Yep I'm on to it. I would like to have a leather strap for when I want the bag to look smarter. It's my first deerskin bag and I can't get over how incredibly slouchy it is. When I wear it messenger style it wraps itself around my hip.
  8. i think the ones with canvas straps are of a different style than the ones with leather ones
  9. hi i just came across this thread after doing a search... just wondering how much is it to buy an additional leather strap?? and can you buy it straightaway from the shop or do you have to wait a few days?

  10. Hi Jen. I tried to buy a leather strap but Prada refused. Apparently the bag was designed with a canvas strap and they won't sell a separate strap because that would alter the design! I really pushed for one but no dice.