Antic cervo satchel vs. Gauffre camel tote - Advice needed!

  1. I have been angsting over whether or not to buy the Antic Cervo satchel or the Gauffre tote in camel brown but am still undecided! Help most appreciated!! Pls list pros and cons... in particular, can the tote be worn on the shoulders?
  2. In all honesty...Antic cervo satchel is my fave....
  3. ^^^ Yeah, I like it the best too, so definitely Antic Cervo.
  4. May I ask how much the Antic cervo satchel cost?

    Thanks :smile:
  5. I have to say the Antic, it's more of a classic I think
  6. Antic Cervo--I believe the leather/style is more classic; the Gauffre is more trendy IMO. And the Antic Cervo color is richer looking than the camel.
  7. Antic! Love the colors!
  8. I don't think Antic Cervo can be carried over shoulder. Handles look too small.
  9. Antic Cervo comes with a detachable shoulder strap.
  10. If you have skinny arms you can get it over your shoulder cuz the leather is sooo soft. :p
  11. I am probably no help at all, first I am VERY new to Prada and secondly, the more I read this thread I wonder if I made the right decision myself. Anyway, I tried the antic cervo and the gauffre and decided to go with the gauffre. I think because I am quite small and the size of the gauffre just looked better on me. Do you know how the same bag can be pulled off differently by two different people? The size of the antic cervo was quite large and almost looked like a piece of luggage on me. (I can hear you all gasping... I am sorry... more a reflection of the size than the beauty of the bag) The gauffre, seemed to me to also maybe be a little more forgiving with daily use because of the 'pleating'. I probably don't know what I am talking about :shame: , but after seeing them both I went with the gauffre. Also - I just won't wear a bag 'across my body', even though sometimes it would make more sense. (there is a good reason for this but I am sorry, I can't tell you...;) ) Anyway - the gauffre had a wee bit shorter handle and didn't look quite so long on me. It was also a style (the pleating) unlike anything else I have ever had before. I really haven't had it for long so I can't really tell you much else, but here is one tiny vote for the gauffre......
  12. I say go with the Antic.
  13. Hi poisontofu...

    I am able to get my '06 Gauffre tote over my shoulder... again the leather is so soft I can manage to just shift it around a little - of course, it would not work with a jacket, but spring is here and it's fine for now.

    I don't know about the new '07 Gauffre tote, I have one coming but won't be here till April. In the meantime I'm hoping to try one on in the store and see if it does fit over the shoulder - I think it's a tad bit smaller than the '06 so I'm leaning towards no.

    Hope this helps!