*Antic Cervo Leather* - Everything You Need to Know and More!

  1. Hi there Prada Girls!!

    Ok, since there's been *so* much buzz about the Antic Cervo leather, I'm starting a thread where we can ALL post our pix of our Antic Cervo bags. As far as I know there are 2 finishes in the Antic Cervo line... they are:

    1. Cacao -- From the Fall/Winter line 2006

    2. Natural -- From the Spring 2007 line

    In the Cacao line, I'm going to post 3 of the same bags... of which ALL 3 look entirely different. The criteria for each is as such:

    1. Leather Quality
    2. Leather Pebbling
    3. Color

    So please join in and post your pix if you own either the Cacao or the Natural. Please feel free to correct me if I've left anything out. :graucho:

    Looking forward to seeing all your pix!!! :p
  2. 1st Bag... from a reputable department store...
    P4060734_Y.JPG P4060735_y.JPG P4060744_y.JPG P4060757_Y.JPG P4060758_Y.JPG
  3. STILL 1st Bag... from a reputable department store...
    P4060762_Y.JPG P4060738_Y.JPG P4060740_Y.JPG P4060736_i.JPG P4060737_i.JPG
  4. 2nd Bag... *Another* Reputable Dept Store Purchase...

    Completely different color, different leather (lots of pebbling)

    Notice the 1st bag below the 2nd in the pic and the color difference.
    P4070764_i.JPG P4070765_i.JPG P4070768_i.JPG P4080778_i.JPG P4070768_ii.JPG
  5. pad, how about putting the two or three side by side, or on top of each other with extreme close up to REALLY see the variety? i found that this is helpful when the balenciaga gals tried to compare leather texture and dye variation.
  6. 3rd Bag... from Bluefly...

    again, these are all posted here for comparison of color and leather differences.
    P4060733_P.JPG P4060727_P.JPG P4060754_PP.JPG P4060755_P.JPG P4060756_p.JPG
  7. MORE... 3rd Bag... from Bluefly...

    and :huh:H!!! BagPunk! You're on! cool. I will take pix of all 3 and post together!!! YIPPEE...!! THIS is cool!:p
    P4060761_p.JPG P4060731_p.JPG P4060732_p.JPG
  8. the first bag is so smooth in some parts...? the second is more pebbly (more like mine). and the one from bluefly is very shiny?
  9. Give me a few mins to get them together, take pix, and post! :woohoo:
  10. hi, i thought i did read somewhere in this forum that the fall/winter antic cervo came in two shades?one was cacao and other was brown. is that right?:confused1:
  11. sweetfrock...? are you there? can you post your BEAUTIFUL natural/tan antic cervo E/W satchel you just bought? i haven't got mine yet. i'll post my cocoa together with my tan once i bought the tan tomorrow.
  12. All 3 Bags Together...
    P4130831ppp.JPG P4130833_i.JPG P4130833_ii.JPG
  13. babydollqueen...

    Hi... Yes, I think you're right. I thought the CACAO was the BROWN, but that's probably why these 3 bags are different colors.

    Picture Order in Post Above Top to Bottom

    BAG 1 - CACAO - BF

    BAG 2 - BROWN - dept store

    BAG 3 - CACAO - dept store


    Picture Order in Posts from Post #1

    BAG 1 - CACAO - dept store

    BAG 2 - BROWN - dept store

    BAG 3 - CACAO - BF
  14. Please Note...

    All the pics I just posted were photographed indoors at night in incandescent lighting. I will try to take pics during the morning light tomorrow. They may look different.
  15. Finally got home and got to caress my new bag! Here are some pics. Some with flash and some without.

    I LOVE IT! I especially love the color and finish of the leather in the front of the bag.

    Whaddayall think?
    IMG_0432.JPG IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0435.JPG IMG_0436.JPG IMG_0437.JPG