Antic Cervo Hobo!!

  1. My new cacao Antic Cervo hobo came yesterday! Absolutely love this bag. I credit Kat for this one. I saw her gorgeous hobo and then saw this longer style of it and it was :heart: . It is the same size as a Balenciaga Day style (which I love) and so I think that plus the exquisite leather and color is what drew me to it as well. I am loving the fall Prada bags. It is actually my first Prada bag since I got my black nylon tote many years ago.........

    Prada ACH 1.jpg Prada ACH 2.jpg Prada ACH 3.jpg
  2. Love it!

    So gorgeous!
  3. I saw this bag at Saks. It is gorgeous. Great choice.
  4. i love this bga, i've been eyeing on the drawstring though :P
    congrats!!! :yahoo: :wlae:
  5. I've been eyeing this one myself, but the measurements I've seen on it make it sound HUGE. Could you post a pic of it on you so I can get an idea of the proportion? I'm more interested than ever after seeing a side shot and that's not deep at all, but still wondering about the length.

    If anyone else has a shot of this bag on themselves or on ANYONE, could you post it here? Thanks. :smile:
  6. ^ Not sure, but maybe there is a similar version of this bag that's got more depth on the side? Cute bag!
  7. Yum yum! Great choice! Now we're both proud owners of an Antic Cervo bag!:yahoo:
  8. It's gorgeous Goldensx! We need to go shopping together someday :supacool:
  9. Thanks so much, everyone. I really love the bag.

    Pelinaka... Heehee!! That would be a dangerous shopping trip!! We'd be encouraging each other 'get it, get it'!! :lol:
    Londondolly... oh mine is not nearly as awesome as your beautiful drawstring one!! :heart:
    Pradapsycho... here is a pic of me wearing it. It is the same size as a Balenciaga Day for any of you who might know that bag style. I'm sure as it is worn it will soften up more and become very slouchy.
    PH worn.jpg
  10. Love it - it looks great on you - thanks for the pics! x
  11. Thanks for posting your pic!! Wow, that is SO pretty!!! I'm not sure I want to go quite that size, though. I wish they'd do the same bag, but maybe around 10-12 inches X 10-12 inches. Not sure on your height, but I'm only 5'3" and I can see that would overwhelm me. Durnit! :crybaby:
  12. Wow, it looks even more gorgeous on you!

    And yes, we would do some major damage if we shopped together :lol:
  13. great choice, congrats!
  14. OMG... I was at Jeffery on Monday and ALMOST bought this bag... you have no idea how I covet it... I am so in LOVE - GOOD TASTE MY FRIEND!!!
  15. [​IMG]
    Gosh! it looks so good on you!!!:yes:
    I've been really lovin the Prada fall bags specially the antic...
    lucky girl lovely bag!!!