Anti-Superbowl thread...Anyone??

  1. Am I the only US gal who will not be watching the Superbowl?

    I know some of you will watch as part of a group activity - some will watch because they genuinely want to, and some will watch because that is how you can spend quality-time with your SO today.

    Me? Well, my DH is welding in our garage, and I have been selectively cleaning - (read...doing nothing). :p

    So, anyone else? Are there are other gals who will not watch the S-Bowl?

    After all, we can go to YouTube later to see the commercials. :graucho:
  2. lol. i was invited to a superbowl party, but im really really really sick, so im just here on TPF for the time being....
    i probably wont watch it.
  3. I'm not. For the simple reason that I don't own a television, and don't plan to buy one in the near future.

    Me - I did grocery shopping and read a book.
  4. Well my SO is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Bears fan (originally from Chicago) so I will be meeting him at a Superbowl party later this evening...I have to do some homework today :sad:
  5. Nooo! I love football!
  6. id give a lot not to own a television, but i havent turned mine on in a while
    (probably because all of my tv time goes here!)
  7. DH is at his little superbowl party right now! I am at home watching legally blonde with Maya. There will be no football in this house tonight!
  8. One year (literally a decade ago) I got really into Football (I believe it was the Pittsburgh Steelers year at the bigbowl), I was waitressing at a Sports Bar (Old Chicago) in Downtown Denver.

    So, it is superbowl Sunday and I am sooo into it - well, anywho - the steeler's q-back was fudging the game pretty badly - at one point it literally seemed like he was playing for the other team - I got sooooo heated, and soooooo upset - I was crying at work - NOT working, but crying like a baby because of the game.

    So, yeah - that was the last time I watched football. Oh, and I made really crappy tips that day to - hmm, wonder why. :p
  9. I think it's great they have things for people (not me) who won't be watching the Super Bowl. They have movies (Old School is on ABC at 9:00) and marathons of particular shows.
  10. We are probably out numbered, but i am so not into football....eeewww
    But, much love to those who are into it:yes:

  11. caitlin - pardon if this is very silly question; but, I am always curious how citizens in other countries view the US. Do people in Canada get together and watch the Superbowl? Is it a big deal up there too?

    Here in the states, it is the BEST day to go to the mall - and the best day to go to a WalMart (provided you go when the game is on. :p
  12. Both sets of aunts and uncles (in Toronto and Peterborough) will be watching but they're not that into football, and they say they'd like a particular team to win, but they wouldn't be that disappointed if the other team ended up winning.

    The grocery store had sales on things (like Lay's chips - 3 for $6) and big soda sales, which means some people are planning Super Bowl parties, so you can't say all Canadians don't care about the Super Bowl. I'm sure some of them do.
  13. yes!

    while people are out there watching the game i plan on shopping!

    i really need to load up on cute long sleeve tops..i have too many short sleeves and camis and halters and tubes..well you get the idea ;)

    i also need them cheap because i think i might go on a trip overseas for more then a month! if not three.....heheee.

  14. my favorite place for "disposable" tees/tanks etc is Target. I score big each summer on long wife-beater style tanks, and tees - always for $9.99 or less!!!

    I love Target for the basics - why spend $60 on a "name brand" tank-top? My james perse tanks are actually looking like "poop" way before my $9 mossimo tanks are. :graucho:
  15. I think I will watch the "Puppy Bowl" on Animal Planet while DH is at his superbowl party.