Anti- Panti

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  1. [​IMG]

    The coolest PANTY money can buy is the Anti-Panti!
    No more worries about that pesky thong sticking our of your low slung jeans, and no more lines of ANY kind - we call it Freedom, Baby!

    The Anti-Panti works like this:

    Find your favorite low-slung pants
    Grab one Anti-Panti and peel off backing
    Find the perfect "spot" and stick
    Have an enjoyable (comfy!) Anti-Panti day
    4" Disks from soft cotton flannel
    Made U.S.A.

    P.S. What a unique girly girl gift for your friends, too!


    kinda cute would u use them ???
  2. I don't get it. You use them to glue your pants to your butt so they don't slip down?
  3. So, let me get this straight - you stick a patch on each butt cheek and go on your way??
  4. This is cracking me up!!-No punn intended!
    I think you use it like a menstrual pad but just stick it on your pants?...GrRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
  5. HAhahHAHA! LMAO!!! i have no idea, this one is mind boggling. because really, it's not so much you have to cover your butt cheeks, but there are other things to cover as well. so do you wear a thong/vstring/ AND those butt pads? :huh:

    i mean victoria secret has these really neat things called super low rise v strings!!!
  6. whatever happened to just going "commando?"
    (where did that phrase even originate?)
  7. I only wear "hanky panky" low rise thong undies, do you guys know of them? Expensive, but pretty.
  8. I love how Heavensent does this 'hit-and-run's. She posts something provocative, we all go back and forth about it and she's just watch from the sidelines (I guess) and giggling!
  9. I agree with you Issmom. I wonder where she finds these things....
  10. here

    I like to find different things :smile:
    people all way s say to me leave it to heaven to find sumthing like this lmao

    but as for what this is -
    you use these if u dont wear undies or if u dont like thongs or low rise . this is an alternative . Use it like a pantyliner instead u stick it on your jeans/pants crotch area . And whoala no panty lines or undies peaking out :smile:
  11. ah-ha...
  12. ....still....creepy....just figure how much it hurts to pull a band-aid off your arm....
  13. ;) I think the sticky part is supposed to go against the pants.
  14. So what keeps your pants on?

  15. if ur jeans are a perfect , they should not fall down , but if needed a cute belt will keep them up ;)