Anti - New Year Resolution

  1. Now that we have posted our resolutions, what new bag are you yearning, lusting after???

    After consulting with Sarajane, mine is the yummy chocolate Hanover!

    Come on and fess up!:tup::tup::tup:
  2. Oak Ledbury! Thinking I may have more use of a black one but I just loved the picture of Griddles "wellworn" one:tup:!
  3. Snap, chocolate Hanover! Or maybe an oak as I don't have an oak bag.
  4. Nothing, nothing, nothing :yahoo:

    Well, I am thinking about a wallet but that is an essential and doesn't count :angel:

    sarajane - you don't want two bags in the same colour now, do you?! I've decided I'm going to try to be the voice of reason on this forum in 2008 :p
  5. Ditab - you smartie pants! My reasoning is that pink Hanover & choc/oak Hanover count as 'different' bags because they are such different leathers!
    Pinkie is far more substantial and structured while the antiqued leather ones just slouch into a puddle. That's my defence anyway!!
  6. Lalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaa!! I'm not listening!!!!!!
  7. East West Bayswater - I really wanted the blue but was too late when it went on sale.
  8. there's one in Frasers Glasgow!:tup: £198:graucho:
  9. Well, as I said on the other thread... I want an Annie, a Roxy, maybe an Effie, you all seem to like the Hanover, so one of those too... LOL!

    Dreaming here.

    Whatever lovely arrives in my life this year will be swell. I'm open to accepting the generosity of the universe! You can tell I've been watching a lot of Oprah lately. She is my hero. I adore and admire her.
  10. OMG - Thank you will give them a call in the morning - what was the condition like hun? I hate buying anything I can't see first.
  11. Gosh you lot have been busy so many threads, which one to read first, well I want the red Mabel, pink Mabel, olive mabel, shall I go on....
  12. Ooo, Tarararararara you're back!

    Good timing batman. I think I might be on the hunt for a midnight Mabel :wtf: Just off to oggle the pics of yours. Now, where were they?.....
  13. Or maybe a Somerset tote? :shame:
  14. Well they are both great bags but totally different!
    I think you have just gotta have a session trying them out.
    You will know which one is the bag for you as soon as you look in the mirror:smile:
    Oh and they have lots of new colours coming out for the mabel this summer.

  15. It looked lovely from what I saw, I picked it up and tried it on my arm. But I wasn't totally scrutinising it as my 2 year old was chucking a total wobbly though so I left with a very red face.:shame: