anti anging products

  1. what is the best cream and treatment. Right now I'm using La Mer...don't know if its doing anything.:confused1:
  2. I have used them all, La Mer, La Prairie, Sisley, Z Bigatti, Darphin, Guinot, Dermalogica, Chanel, Natura Bisse and many others!! Nothing will prevent the signs of aging as far as a cream is concerned.
    I believe these creams might soften and moisturize the skin for the moment but in the long run its more about being preventative.
    I would go another route and stay away from the sun, smoking, and definitely make certain you are getting lots of vitamins and minerals. Flax seed oil is another great product to use daily.
    I believe these creams soften and moisturize the skin temporarily when they are used but in the long run its more about being preventative.
  3. Vitamin e serums are supposed to work really well. That's what I've heard.
  4. I am starting to realize that the best things to do are drink water, eat healthy, exercise, use sunblock.... and am slowly giving up on the miracle creams.
  5. ^^Yup...sadly there are no cremes that get rid of wrinkles:crybaby: It's all BS.

    All I can say is TONS of sunblock:yes: & Botox of course;)
  6. yeah...maybe your right!:idea:
  7. what about vitamin C??:confused1:
  8. may I ask what products you use now that you far as cleansers, creams, and treatments?? thanks:smile:
  9. I think preventive maintenance is key. I have not sat in the sun since I was in my 20s. I use Roc products. I really believe they work. But that is just me. Arbonne also has great products. Plus taking into consideration that I smoke, people always think I am 10-15 years younger than my real age. I still get proofed at places for alcohol.
  10. The cleanser I use is Cetaphil. I am just finishing my jar of La Mer and will not re buy. I have used it on and off for years and there is no difference in my skin tone at all.
    I did just buy Dermalogica's intense moisture balance and for 100 less than La Mer it is really a lovely cream! It hydrates nicely and my skin feels very soft.
    I use to use La Mer eye balm and La Prairie eye cream and it really made no significant difference so I stopped using them.
    With the money that I have saved from not buying all these expensive products I go for facials more frequently! HTH!!
  11. I think that Sisleya is working great on me.
  12. That's my opinion too! :yes:
  13. Prevention is better than treatment;) Lots and lots of sunblock, water, exercise and quit smoking (I've been trying to do the last one) :p
  14. This is from the blog

    A study published by Consumer Reports just before Christmas looked at ten popular anti-wrinkle creams ranging in price and compared their effectivity. Surprise, surprise: not only did cost have absolutely nothing to do with how well the creams worked, but even the best cream only reduced wrinkles a tiny bit. The study’s groundbreaking advice? Yeah, you’ve heard it about a billion times before: wear sunscreen and don’t smoke. (Oh, the top performing cream, by the way, was Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, which costs about $18. Lancome Paris Renergie, $76, came in second.)
  15. i used all top brands (la mer, sisley) and recently found this line called PCA..i think it is more of a medical line.. and it is amazing! I have seen immediate results!!i use the pigment gel for my acne scars and they are totally disappearing! then i use the A&C serum and my skin is actually glowing! i also use sunblock everyday, take vitamins, exercise and eat healthy but the serums, in addition, have showen real results!