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  1. Hi...know of any good anti-aging products. Thanks!
  2. Hi...maybe try this website..has excellent anti-aging and beauty products..with info on how to order them wholesale.
  3. Sunblock, and no smoking will do wonders.
  4. Drinking lots of water, consistant exercise, sunscreen, sun glasses and inheriting good genes. Also, Restylane and Botox.
  5. All true and also (from personal experience) as you age, lighten your hair, it does absolute wonders for your face!!!!!
  6. I hear the Olay Regenerist line is the best bang for your buck.
  7. I have started using the Chanel Rectifiance (sp? too lazy to look it up) and I love it.
  8. What do sunglasses do for anti aging?
  9. Sunglasses keep you from squinting and keep the eye area protected.
  10. I completely agree!
  11. :shocked: *puts on her chanel sunnies :supacool: *
  12. Keeping the sun out of your eyes also can prevent cataracts later in life.
  13. ITA, leelee!! I'm actually considering botox if the furrow in between my eyes doesn't ease up. I wear sunnies a lot more to stop squinting.
  14. I have to get both Botox and Restylane for that particular area. My creases are just so darn stubborn! But it works....the combination has taken years and years off of me.
  15. Cool! I used to sleep with scotch tape on that spot so I wouldn't furrow my brow in my sleep :biggrin: