Anti-aging skincare or just simply skincare products you recommend during pregnancy

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  1. Hi, sorry don't know if this thread has been done but I desperately need your help. Going crazy as I can't use any of my usual skincare products. Just wondering if anyone can recommend something. I'm also breaking out and have tried Boscia's Clear Complexion Line and hate it. Too drying. Please help as I want to keep my unborn baby safe and healthy and normal.
  2. I use the Simple range as my skin is sometimes sensitive, as well as Olay with SPF15 to moisturise my skin. I also use and would recommend Bio Oil for your body, i used it once on my face and ended up with spots on both sides of my nose. (i do have oily skin in that area) so i wouldn't suggest using it on your face. Best of luck to you.
  3. I have continued using my regular skincare products. For a moisturizer I use Neutrogena (oil-free) and at night La'Therapie Regenerating Night Creme. It contains Alpha Hydrolxy Acid which is safe (Beta isn't).
    I read that you can use most over the counter skincare products (as they are safe) but should avoid some that contain salicylic acid, retinol, beta hydroxy acid, soy.
    Look at this article:
  4. Olay... manufacturer metioned it's safe.
  5. hi, i really liked using the Belli cleanser when I was pregnant. I bought it from and pottery barn, but it's also available on the company's website