anti-aging cream at age 21???

  1. hey, i've been noticing some signs of wrinkles on my forehead (prob from raising eyebrows too much ha ha) and i've been using some of my parents chanel correction cream.. does anyone know if it's bad for you to use it too early on?? thanks!!!
  2. Oh I've been using wrinkle creams since I was in my early teens! I don't think it's ever too early. I don't have any signs of wrinkles (although it could be genetic, since my parents both age very late). I don't think it's harmful..if it can reduce wrinkles before they even show signs of appearing then I would use wrinkle creams now!!!
  3. Not at all. The point of anti-aging cream is to prevent wrinkles, so early twenties is a good time to start.
  4. I am 20 and i've been thinking of staring to use anti-aging cream. Is there a difference of anti-aging cream for older skin then younger skin? What kind do you guys use?
  5. NO !! too strong ingredients for a much too young skin, what will you use in 10 years then ???? I think at 21 it´s MOISTURIZE !!! and PROTECT !!!
  6. ^^^ I agree, its more protection and just moisturize you don`t need expensive anti wrinkle creams just protect your skin ( sun damage the main cause of early wrinkles) and any cheap moisterizer will do at your age.
    Of course there are other factors, drinking too much and smoking ( but nobodies perfect!!)
  7. Agree agree agree. Anti-ageing cream have all sorts of chemicals and fillers in them (which sounds really nasty but is not, per se), but your skin will become "addicted" to it and I think you might see the effects of that in 10-15 years time. And by the time you really need it ,you might not see noticeable results, as your skin willhave been depending on the creams for so long.

    Get a good, light moristuriser with an SPF. And dont worry about the wrinkles, I'm sure they're tiny and faint... think about it; you've been raising your eyebrows for the last 20 years or so - you're gonna see some signs sooner or later! Anti-ageing creams don't really stop wrinkles where there are "pressure points" (corners of your mouth, eyes, forehead), they're really meant more for areas that wrinkle where they shouldn't (cheeks, lips etc) due to genes or unhealthy lifestyle. Bottom line is, you'll use the anit-ageing cream, but the wrinkles will continue to wrinkle because they're in a spot where you crease them everyday.
  8. my beautician has always said its one of cardinal sins to use creams that are not designed for your age and skin requirements - the results can come out years later the skin will actually age faster and when its really time to use anti ageing or anti wrinkle products they will not have a desired effect since the skin is already used to stronger products... I would recommend anyone changing or trying out a new brand/type of cream to consult a pro beforehand !
  9. Live a little first... god willing you hav 60yrs+ to worry about anti-aging creams
  10. I read recently you should start using eye cream at 25 and that tends to be the first place to show wrinkles because of the delicate skin so you should prob hold off on the anti wrinkle cream
  11. It's probably too soon to start on anti-aging creams. Worry about that when you hit the mid-30s. For now, definitely concentrate on protecting your skin (load up on sun blocks) and hydrate appropriately. Most of the time the anti-aging creams will over-hydrate younger skin, and may actually have an adverse effect on you.
  12. Don't do it! I'd imagine lines at your age are as a result of lack of moisture, dehydration and/or sun damage. Use an SPF and get your 8 glasses of water a day.

    As others have said, using products out of your age group won't do anything great for your skin long term (or quite possibly in the short term either).
  13. the best anti-aging treatment when you are that young?


    why bother with all those extra products now. when you're older, you will wish for the days when you could cleanse/moisturize and be out the door.
  14. I am 3O-something-ish-kinda, and I have been using Anti Age products since I was 15. Not a line or wrinkle in sight! Key words Anti-Age. Not wait until you age and fix it . How much you spend at your age is personal pref. You are young so you have options. from the drug store to the department store , your choice .
  15. people are torn about this. some people insist that you do for better skin when your older. some will cation against using until you need it. personally I try not to worry about anti-age so much but try to find skin care with good nutrients for your skin and a lot of "anti-aging" products will have them. I look for products with lots of vitamins. A for skin plumping or anti aging. C clarifying to even out skin tone. E environment protecting to keep your skin wonderful now. and of course SUNSCREEN!!! I just wouldn't use something like a high powerful wrinkle reducing cream.