Anthro's take on the Turnlock Teri?

  1. ^ How much is this bag selling for?

    Anthropologie stuff isn't exactly the cheapest, so I don't understand why people don't buy the real thing and settle for this "inspired" version. Unless they think this "inspired" version looks better than MbMJ or bought it without even knowing it was "inspired"?!
  2. I think it's around $400
  3. ^ for $28 more you can get the mbmj version...
  4. ^ Totally!! And if you buy from places with presales or coupon codes you can get it for $50-75 less!
  5. The leather on that thing looks horrible. Who would ever buy that?
  6. Someone who wants $400 worth of beef jerky. :smile:
  7. :lol:

    But I agree, just get the real thing! Though I'm sure a lot of people will get it and not know that it's so similar to the MbMJ bag, and just think it's cute.
  8. :roflmfao:
  9. I see that happening...same deal with urban outfitters. Girls I know actually have a BUNCH of stuff from urban that is just completely ripped off...the last thing I saw on the urban website looked WAY too close to a Botkier...

    I don't get why there haven't been lawsuits...:confused1: