1. i'm about to buy some stuff from anthropologie's online sale, but i don't really own anything from there that i wear regularly, so if anyone out there in tPFland does, what can you say about them? do they wash well, do they show wear quickly, or are they pretty durable? any additional comments would be appreciated!
  2. I think it depends on the brand and how you care for them. I have a few pieces from them and they're a few years old. They're in excellent condition.

    Their brands are decent though.. not chintzy at all like forever 21.
  3. I like their stuff. They're owned by the same company that owns Urban Outfitters. What particular brand are you looking at?
  4. I love their stuff!! I visit the website everyday and hit the store at least once a week! I'm a bit obsessed! :smile: My only petpeeve though... their sizes are a bit all over the place... tends to differ with each brand. I can wear three different sizes at times! But not many compliants yet- everthing washs well so far!
  5. I LOVE anthropologie! Their catalogue is great and we are blessed with two stores here :jammin: .

    Quality is great and the style is wonderful...very unique things you wouldn't see in a department store.

    I agree with the other posts about sizing. They are all over the place. They carry a lot of different brands so I can wear a M in some things and a (gasp) XL in others :censor: . If you are ordering online check their return policy.
  6. The quality is good.. a lot of the stuff is delicate.. so dry cleaning is needed for a lot of it.
  7. Amanda -

    I used to work for Anthropologie! I really, really love their clothes, but I do think that they overcharge for some of their "in house" brands like "odille". I feel like the quality has gone down somewhat over the years. However, they do carry "known" brands like Ella Moss and Velvet which is nice. And this past summer, Anna Sui made some really cute dresses specifically for Anthropologie.

    What are you getting?

    If any of it doesn't fit or work, bring it back to the store...they will take back anything as long as you have the time frame. They can even do a store search for you, and will charge send something (free shipping if done thru the store).

    Good luck! Lots of cute things!
  8. Hi Amanda,

    Honestly, I think the quality could be better which is why I never buy anything that's not on sale @ Anthropologie (and everything always seems to go on sale). They're owned by the same company that owns Urban Outfitters, and I'd say the clothing is on par. Not terrible, but not fantastic.
  9. interesting - i feel like some of the things are overpriced, too, which is why i'm picking through the sale. thanks for the input!
  10. I've bought a decent amount of stuff from anthropologie over the years, and agree that it can be hit or miss. Some stuff has been sent to goodwill after sitting unworn for years in my closet. I've made a couple of scores recently that I love though. There's a great pair of capris called "lionel slims" which I think are on sale now. They pull off the amazing feat of actually making you look slim. A tough thing to find in a capri IME.

    I also have this tunic (by Velvet) which I wear as a dress:

    I've gotten lots of compliments on it. The hubby even gets a gleam in his eye when I wear it:smile:
  11. I love anthropologie! I buy the jewelry more than the clothes, but I do have a few pieces and they have held up well.
  12. quality can be better, some things are very delicate. very overpriced for what it is.
  13. I've purchased a few clothing items from them and they were pretty delicate. I think they are over priced in my opinion. May have to check out that online sale though....
  14. I think the clothes are really cute, but somewhat delicate. Love the housewares though! Bought some bowls that I just LOVE!