1. their bags always look so gorgeous online. Does anyone have their bags and can you tell me about the leather quality, feel, craftmanship etc. TIA
  2. I have a white leather purse from Anthropologie, its called the jellyroll bag. I think they carried it for both summer and fall. It is one of my favorite handbags and is of very good quality and was a good value for $158. For being a white leather purse, it has also held up very well. The leathers of most of their bags are not necessarily the smooshy luxurious leather you would find on a designer high end bag, but they are still very good. I also like the fact that they sell a lot of handbags that are made in the USA and Europe.
  3. Anthropologie sells various brands, so I think it depends. I know they sell brands like Orla Kiely and Hayden Harnett, both very reputable, but they also sell lesser-known brands. Do they sell their own Anthropologie label bags too? Sorry, I don't have any experience with those.
  4. Whenever I have looked at them in the store they look and feel great, BUT the prices on many are a little outrageous to me. For not being a "brand" they are pretty pricey IMO.
  5. Anthropologie also is selling the Linea Pelle Piper Speedy in the sherry color, which seems to be sold out everywhere else. They are calling it orange and do not say it's an LP, either. If you know the bag, it's easy to spot on their site.
  6. I have one of their 'Nest' bags, which I believe is Anthropologie's own label. The leather is nice (but not very soft) and it has held up pretty well. But, in my opinion, I don't think it's worth the full retail price. I only bought mine because it was on sale for very cheap. This was a couple of years back so maybe the quality has changed since then.
  7. I have seen dead-on Moni Moni bags on their website, but no mention of the Moni Moni brand/name. Also it didn't have the hanging heart tag. I think I read on this site a while ago that Anthropologie DOES sell name brands, maybe a deal with some designers?
  8. I just last week returned a bag I bought from the website. I was the 'Odds and Ends' bag. It looked sooo cute, IRF it was still cute but the leather smelled really bad and like VIBA424 stated it might not be the smooshiest leather you've felt. The craftsmanship was okay as well. But the bag was 118.00. For some reason I still felt I paid too much for it---for the quality. I would stick to the name brands they sell. But that is just me ;)
  9. I know they also sell tano I don't know if they actually sell any of their own label bags do they?
  10. I have an Anthropologie messenger bag that I really like a lot. I have also seen Tano and Hayden Harnett on their site as well. When they have sells there are really good prices on their bags.
  11. Oh Yay, I also forgot I bought a TAno there for $100 which was originally 225.00. So yes, they have great deals when they have the sales!
  12. Their bags are trendy. That quality isn't perfect but I just use their bags for when I go to school.
  13. I meant to say, when you buy a designer bag from Anthro, it does have the designer's label and tags, so you are assured of what you have purchased.
  14. Thanks so much everyone for the responses great information and opinions !
  15. Yes, I wondered the same thing.