1. Is there anyone else who just LOVES this store? I got the cutest top there yesterday night, on sale. I am in love with their stuff! Their dresses are fabulous. I also like the way they set their stores up. Homey and refreshing. A big change from the other really loud stores I shop at, like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters. They are too much sometimes, but Anthropologie is just awesome.

  2. I love them, but also think they are overpriced.
    I enjoy getting styling ideas while browsing. :smile:
    Also, I am a bit puzzled why they stock skirts and dresses in a very similar A-line shape, wish they had more straight/pencil cuts.
  3. Nice but pricey!
  4. i agree.. cute but completely overpriced for what they're offering. i check the sale section regularly, sometimes they have good deals.
  5. Nice, different, quirky cool. Agree on the prices.
  6. I love the setup of their store(s) but I never pay full price for their stuff. Some of my favorite pieces come from Anthropologie, but quality overall can be hit-or-miss.
  7. I used to buy everything there! Still one of my favorite places to shop.
  8. love anthropologie

    i think i started shopping there in 9th grade

    sale section is usually awesome,. skirts and tops for $40 and up
  9. Glad you guys like it! They have really cute stuff, and I, too, always check the sale room. But I'm sort of surprised about the expensive factor - I agree, it's overpriced, but I know a lot of people here spend way more on bags than what Anthropologie's charging for clothes. Is it just because you don't consider the quality to be as good for the prices? Like a $1,000 designer bag is a better deal than a $348 dress? (Anthropologie actually has dresses in the $100's). I'm not one to spend much on bags, so I do agree that Anthropologie charges too much, I just didn't expect that it would seem as overpriced to the general crowd that spends a lot on bags. Hope that makes sense.

  10. I totally agree. They have the cutest clothes, but a few of the shirts I had bought in the past, pretty much fell apart after awhile. As much as they cost, you would think they would last awhile.
  11. Did you know that Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People are all the same company? I avoid Urban Outfitters like the plague, but I love Anthropolgie and Free People.

    I agree that Anthropologie sells expensive clothes, but the same brands at other stores sell for the same price. I'm crazy about their selection. (Their shoes are ridiculously spendy and generally not to my taste, however).

  12. Maybe it's just me, but most of the things I get at Anthropologie (their sale section, of course;), is more on a trendy side, meaning it would not last more than 1-2-3 seasons.
    A $1000 bag is with me forever.
    Honestly, I can hardly justify purchasing much from their summer collection, especially dresses, they just don't look like they are worth $100+.
  13. Oh I love 'em. Very quirky and fun stuff you won't see elsewhere. ITA they are overpriced but they have great sale. I like their clothes but many are too earthy/granola for me and don't work for me too much now.
  14. probably half of the things that i wear with any regularity come from urban outfitters - i LOVE the store and always get a lot of compliments and questions about the clothes i have from there. i mostly buy from the sale section because if you wait, most of their stuff goes on sale, but buy at full price sometimes if it's something i absolutely love. i've occasionally had quality issues, but that's bound to happen when a store carries so many different brands. some of their stuff is overpriced, some of it isn't - most of their dresses are from $80 to $170, and it me, that's fairly reasonable for a fashionable dress (which is mostly what i wear). the only thing i don't like that they carry are the shoes - their selection is generally kinda horrendous and WAY overpriced, imo.

    on of the reasons i'm willing to pay a tad more at anthropologie, though, is that their customer service is generally REALLY good, and i'd much rather spend my money someplace that values me as a customer. i've never once had a negative experience in one of their stores and i've had SAs bend over backwards to help me numerous times without even having to ask them.
  15. I love the store, but the items are over priced for the quality you are paying for....