Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People

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  1. Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People are owned by the same company. They all share a modern bohemian aesthetic but are a little different to cater to each demographic. Anthropologie is for young professional who has disposable income. Urban Outfitters is the transitional brand with a mix of styles but mostly aimed to college students. Free People is the little sister of the 3 with a free spirit vibe.

    I used to have pieces from Free People when it was sold through other vendors, even Delias way back when. They're simple pieces that have lasted for years. I received the catalogs for Free People and finally visited the store in person. The clothes in the catalog looked beautiful of course with the outfit styling but the pieces in the store looked like they were beginner sewing home ec projects.:Push: I know the brand is known for dressing this generation's hippie but everything was so disappointing. If I'm paying $68 for a tank top (I wouldn't though.:wtf:), then I want it to be perfect. It's clothing that supposed to look handmade (but ends up as poor quality), made overseas in a sweatshop, and sold at a huge markup. I know a lot of you love this brand so am I missing something obvious? I get Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters since they have some great pieces that are worth it. But with Free People I'm still balking at this $128 jumpsuit I also saw for the spring that I could easily find in a blue collar uniform catalog.:roflmfao:
  2. Free People almost always ends up on the clearance racks at department stores, and IMO isn't worth the markup. Some things are cute, but I feel like the quality has gone down a lot since the beginning and I'm just disappointed with the brand in general.
  3. I like the styles from both Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters, but I do think they are overpriced for what they are. The quality and fabric look nice from afar, but looks cheap up close. Whenever I go in both stores, DH always say "why do you want to pay so much for something that looks used?"
  4. SO haaaaaates anthropologie. he's like, i feel like i am in a thrift store for suckers.
  5. I think the stuff from Free People and Anthropologie is cute and most of it is reasonably priced, though I don't shop at UO. I see people paying a lot more for a lot less on this forum on a regular basis. I know when I buy clothes from these two there isn't much chance that I'll see someone else wearing the same thing.
  6. I have seen Free People on sale at Macy's & Filene's Basement... even w/those prices, I don't think the pieces are worth it at ALL.
  7. ROFL! i have to agree with this.

    i like a lot of the home stuff, but the clothing is boring. the merchandising makes it always look the same, and it just strikes me as stale.
  8. The quality is really not worth the price, but some things are cute and might be okay on sale. I remember Free People being sold through Urban Outfitters for several years, and then all of a sudden it shows up on Shopbop and Revolve at 3x the price. When did that marketing switcharoo happen?? That really drives home how pricing can be influenced by branding much more than quality.
  9. I love Anthropologie. I think the clothes are feminine, beautiful and so different. I really like the thrift store feel. I could buy one of every skirt in the store.. and the dresses..I love the dresses. I always hit the sale section first and almost always find great deals. I tend not to pay full price as I'm SHM and i do think they are very pricey...
    I've found some great Free People stuff on sale at Lord &Taylor that has held up pretty well.
    I think I'm too old for Urban outfitters..I liked it when I was in college!
  10. I love free people and anthropologie... I think they're great! not cheap but I think they have unique clothes :smile:

    I don't like urban outfitters as much, their accessories are ok though.
  11. I love a lot of the Anthropologie clothes but I would never buy them b/c even on sale they are so overpriced! I went in UO once and couldn't find anything I liked, although I do have a cute blue sweater from there a friend gave me that I really like. It is very thin though, I wore it one day over a dress and I was freezing all day, and it really was not that cold out. I tend to buy my "vintage style" stuff at other stores.
  12. I agree that Urban Outfitters clothes can be sort of low quality for the price, but I love Anthropologie, and my clothes from there have held up quite well. They have a lot of outside brands like Ella Moss which are great quality and are decently priced on sale.
  13. I agree, which is funny, because I have a shirt from UO that is the same as the one Vanessa wears in an episode of Gossip Girl.
    I love UO because of its vintage look, but I agree why some of you might not like it, because UO clothing is very hard to wear. It has to go with certain clothing and accessories in order to look good (unlike AF, which you can throw over any jeans and it would look good).
    People buying UO would not worry too much about the quality, because if it wears off, it would just look more vintage.
  14. Anthropologie is for young professional who has disposable income

    You said it. Anthropologie has some cute stuff, but is way out of my price range.
  15. Yeah, the clothes are okay, but I can never ever bring myself to pay for it. I'm a sucker for the home items at Urban outfitters online, and Anthropologie! (When they go on sale.)